Friday, October 21, 2011

Gad Is Dead: Part 2

I put this story up on the Sync Book Facebook page yesterday and it's been making the rounds for the last 24 hours. The story is that "a bad Sitcom predicted Gaddafi's Death in '87," with the story as follows:
"In 1987, the still-young Fox network put a show on the air called Second Chance. It was a sitcom with a premise almost as tortured as some of Gaddafi’s most outspoken critics: A man dies in the year 2011, and is sent back to earth by St. Peter to earn his spot in heaven. ... In the prologue to the pilot, none other than Col. Gaddafi enters, having died on July 29, 2011. So the prediction was a little short of three months off, but still pretty impressive."
While the "prediction" aspect is quite interesting, I find myself drawn to the way this fits into the larger pattern. The syncs here are actually fairly astounding. For one, there's the Time Travel theme that has not gone away. Of course, Libyan "terrorists" make us think of Back To The Future, but in this 1987 show, directly after Gaddafi dies, we have another amazing parallel:
At 7:07 into the video: "that's right, we've gone back in time."

Then there's the timing of Gad's Death coinciding with Harold Camping's revised "rapture" date. What Camping was predicting was the final "divine judgment," and here we have this oddly synced TV show which is literally about being judged by God.
PS: Anyone else find it interesting that the last KingKill (Osama) was in May, near Camping's first "rapture" date, and this Gaddafi follow-up coincides with his second date?

Our very own Libyan Sibyl just tweeted: Important events do occur on Harold Camping dates...just not the rapture. He may have ability to see energy shifts, but misinterprets them

And, to be sure, this is a powerful moment in time. The US government is getting even bolder about assassinating people (see: Hillary Clinton calling for Gaddafi's death a day or two before he died) and invading countries like throwing darts at a map (or "in lover's eyes," as Eleleth would remind us). But I'm not even talking about the day-in day-out machinations of fascist bottom-feeders, I'm talking about this very specific point in time. So many of the major stories are popping today, everything from an announced Iraq "withdrawal" to the BP oil spill. As to the Iraq "withdrawal," I'm sure we are all set to be disappointed on that one; time shall tell how many "independent contractors" stay there and where the troops get redeployed (how many countries has this Nobel Peace Prize-Winning War Criminal invaded so far?), but the symbolism is certainly present. It's actually funny, when I saw Obama's speech yesterday on the killing of Gaddafi, his line "you have won your revolution," instantly made me think of G.W.B.'s "mission accomplished."
As if we hadn't emphasized this enough, the KingKill is intimately tied to "the confrontation with the shadow" and Obama's line about Gaddafi's death "lifting the shadow of tyranny" only serves as a blunt reminder of that (as well as an allusion to "lifting the veil").

But, there was another line in that speech, just a few seconds before "you have won your revolution," that was even more least in my eyes. You see, over the last two days I've been going back and reading some old posts, looking for the throughlines, in an effort to better understand the reoccurring themes in our pattern watching and maybe get a better understanding of the strange attractor that I feel this is leading towards.
Well, "the x-factor" (if you will) that I still find myself drawn to is the Norway Spiral. As everything in our pattern watching comes together again and again, collapsing into a more specific wave-form of narration, I can't help but notice this persistent echo keeps popping back up. So, the night before Gad's Death, I decided to go back and re-read the very first blog post I ever did on the Norway Spiral (and the second post ever on this blog), a post that I called "The Long and Winding Road." Also remember that the Norway Spiral actually coincided with Obama's Nobel Peace Prize ceremony. Imagine then my surprise (or lack thereof) when Obama drops that phrase into his metaphor-laden speech.
"We're under no illusions, Libya will travel a long and winding road to full democracy. There will be difficult days ahead. But the United States, together with the international community, is committed to the Libyan people. You have won your revolution."
And, if you wish to find meaning in it, consider that, at 6:05 into the Second Chance video at the top, Saint Peter explains that the main character must travel back in time because he is a "Blue Light."



  1. This isn't even counting all of those political cartoons after Steve Jobs died with St. Peter holding an iPad

    "Miss America" takes the Right Pillar to heaven

    Gad-halfy takes the Left Pillar to hell

    ". . . but my left hand is empty, for I have crushed an Universe, & nought remains."

  2. Very, very cool post. Miss America, time travel, and spirals also ties in with the lastest post from the Sync Whole:
    AmErica('s time is coming to an in)

    A few things I noticed from the "Second Chances" video clip:
    - St. Peter's office (the Gate) looks kinda like Dave Bowman's hotel room.
    - Charles Russell is taken back in time 24 years (24/42).
    - Maybe just cheesy props, but those look like Xmas lights around the door to Hell.

    I'm still pondering the Blue Light thing.

    And the only Charles Russell that readily comes to my mind is Charles Taze Russell of American evangelical and end-time prophesy fame. He syncs with Harold Camping.

  3. One more thing. On the video clip Charles Russell travels back in time to the date 9/26/87 to get his second chance.

    The TV show Second Chance only lasted for two months (from exactly 9/26/87 to 11/28/87).

  4. This is pretty wild. I was noticing an episcopal church banner at Belfair, noted it was a red cross shield, aka St. George, Templars. I see the red cross is associated with judgement, perhaps due to the famous curse of Jacque de Molay.

    I agree with Sibyl, Camping has a gift for sensing important dates. Today has been loaded with curious personal syncs. I took a pic of a lego VW Camper van at Bellevue (crazy) square. The Libyan terrorists personal chariot of choice.

  5. Red cross of the Judgment card = fiery Rose Cross (Sulphur of the Golden Dawn alchemists). Gadhafi killed by the "crossfire."

  6. Thanks all. Wonderful additions!

    PS: Here's some public stats on how many contractors and mercs will stay behind in iraq:

  7. Yes, the KKmart blue light special is perfect, since Gad's Death further entrains with Back To the Future, since his body is on display at a shopping center.


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