Tuesday, October 25, 2011

The Sync Book on Red Ice

Hour Two (for Red Ice members)

Get your copy at TheSyncBook.com


  1. Listening to your redice interview now. Very good stuff! You should read the Carlos Castaneda books, paying close attention to his concept of "impeccability." The premise is that when you prepare yourself then opportunities are then available to you, allowing you to grow to higher levels and more and more opportunities. The higher your impeccabilty, the higher the synchronicities, the more power you have

  2. Thanks Ken.
    I am well aware of Castaneda and I think he's a great addition to the conversation.

  3. Hello Alan,
    I just listened to your redice radio interview and what came to my mind was an interview with Bert Jansen who said interesting things about cropcircles.

    I enjoyed your interview very much!!
    Best wishes

  4. Thanks Hans. I'm glad you enjoyed the show and I hope you'll stick around.

  5. I've ordered a copy of the Sync book and can't wait to read it.Such a diverse collection of bloggers.Some I'm familiar with,others I have never heard of before.
    Vol.2 sounds like an interesting idea,it would be interesting to see the line up for that one.
    Good interview too.


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