Wednesday, October 19, 2011

the Grail King's Cup of Coffee

Longtime readers will know that I have been tracking a pattern that deals with the opening of a "second Stargate" ... some sort of strange sequel to Kotze's 2001 Stargate. We've followed this narrative for so long now, and seen enough of the twists and turns, that I feel more and more convinced that this particular narrative is really worth paying attention to.
We've seen the memes merge. We've seen different, seemingly-separate, major events come together like the tributaries of something much larger.

This "second Stargate,"which is often seen as "the Japanese Stargate," first started to get really loud for me at the end of 2010. The pattern we tracked, and what I saw as intimately tied to this, was an imminent nuclear disaster. Then, of course, we had the Fukushima event in early 2011.
About a month later, I saw the next step as a KingKill/Rebirth of the King taking place in concert with the Royal Wedding. That weekend we watched as Osama ("Osama" means "King" in Japanese) was killed by Obama, who revealed his [re]birth certificate days earlier. Obama even went so far as to declare himself the "Lion King." In a follow up piece, I wrote that this KingKill/Rebirth would lead to the opening of the Second/Japanese Stargate.

This may seem like a longwinded intro to a very small story, but I thought this little recap was important to show why I felt like this fluff-piece needed to be highlighted.
...One of the very first things I wrote about the Second/Japanese Stargate was a pattern that focused on a coffee cup as harbinger of a "tear in the fabric of space."

Addendum: Decided on doing a quick google of "Coffee Holy Grail" and came up with this NY Times blog entry from 9/11

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  1. Alan, we had it. We were at the grail castle together--I have pictures to prove it.

    "Where did you have your best cup of coffee?"

    as to the "tear in the fabric of space"?

    --that Moby Dick, you think you could kill him (you just end up part of him, part of the empire--SUNK!)

    --see ya in the belly of the whale!


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