Friday, June 10, 2011

Reigning Cats and Frogs

Okay, I thought I was done with the "Frog" syncs and even the Osama Bin Laden "King Kill" narrative. But, I guess this story wants one more out of me.

So, most of the Frog stuff had the same "Royal" theme (Frog King, Frog Prince, etc). Which got me thinking about "Coats of Arms":

Then someone sent me a video that combined two themes we had looked at. Frogs (as in Kermit The) and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Then Chris Knowles does a post called "Thor: Fit for the KING," which is fascinating since I had connected Thor to Frogs and FrogKings.
Then my mother-in-law posted this exchange on Facebook:
Then Michael randomly emailed me 2 days ago about a movie called Hell Comes To Frogtown.
A movie about a Post-apocalyptic world that focuses on Radiation and Fertility ....and Frogs.
Say, that reminds me. Since the Rapture already happened, do we consider ourselves to live in a Post-apocalyptic world now? Hmmm.

Whatever. In all this, I couldn't help feeling like the Frog King was connected. I mentioned it, and said I couldn't quite explain what the connection was.

Then I got to thinking about Osama/Obama as the "Lion King."

Well, Lions are Cats right?

Hell, Osama even had 9 lives....just like a cat.

Then, if you'll recall, I had said that the entire RoyalWedding/BinLaden/Pope weekend from May 1st would symbolically repeat itself on May 13th (which it did). What I didn't realize was that May 13th was a Friday, a Friday the 13th. Eunus Noe from MaskOfGod sent me this link, pointing out our symbolic repeat day as connected to Cats.

Then, as I'm thinking about this 9-lives of the Cat King, which seems like the most obscure F-ing thing I could come up with, I see an ad on the side of a bus for this show:

So what is it that is part Cat, part King and part Frog?

Well, if this is a riddle, it's a riddle that has an obscure answer. For the record, I do not believe in demons (just saying), but the strange-connector here is the demonic variation of Baal.

Why? I don't know. Osama was killed on Baal-tane after all, but that can only be part of it.

I know I've been dropping some really short posts lately. That's because I'm working on some long-form stuff that is going to blow your minds. Stay tuned.


  1. in the book, Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep (blade runner)--Deckard retires all the Andys, then goes to the desert and finds a toad. He returns home and sleeps--probably should have put a spoiler on that.
    the toad is electric though.

  2. Wow.

    You also reminded me that I wanted to put in a bit about HypnoToad from Futurama.

    But, while we're on the subject of Sci-Fi: "The Hypnotoad might have been inspired by the V-frogs from Isaac Asimov's novel Lucky Starr and the Oceans of Venus. They are frog like, three legged creatures who can control the emotions of those around them, mostly serving as a defense mechanism against predators. A trance like that of the Hypnotoad is also possible when large numbers of V-frogs are working together."

  3. I got a frog post coming up. 'Hell Comes to Frogtown' is a great movie BTW. I could do a post on just that movie.

    I was saving this one for my post, but here you go

  4. Quark: Please do. I had a weird fixation with that movie back in '07 and I never even saw it!?

    Frogs jumping out of purses? That almost makes me think of negative alchemy: turning gold into frogs, or something. Of course, Egypt had a plague of frogs, so be on the look out for that, Moses.

  5. I love it all. Thank you all....although, you're only encouraging this frog thing to go deeper.

  6. Princess and the frog ... my daughter watches it, you'd probably find quite a lot in that movie. It's odd, in a way i can't figure out.

  7. Thanks David. I feel like I should see that movie. The imagery is very interesting. Though I haven't seen it, I wrote a little about it here:


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