Thursday, January 5, 2012

Why So Sirius? Part 1

After going public with one of my most profound personal experiences in a talk with Mike Clelland, I began to think about it more and more. Sirius seems to come up in my life at major moments and resonates with many integral parts of who I am. So often and so much so that it was my intention to begin to get all this down and start the year with a post collecting some of my Sirius connections and experiences.

In late December I found a big piece of the puzzle. And yet, it seems to have only made the mystery a bit deeper.

You see, I was born on New Year's Eve, late in the evening...

Days before my birthday, this article began from began to spread across the interwebs like wildfire:
Sirius in the constellation Canis Major – the legendary Dog Star – should be
called the New Year’s star. This star – the brightest one in our sky –
celebrates the birth of 2012 and every new year by reaching its highest point in
the sky around the stroke of midnight. That’s the case this year, and every

So Sirius is highest in the sky at midnight every New Year’s.
Astronomers call this a midnight culmination of Sirius. As the New Year rings
in, Sirius is at its highest.
For the whole week leading up to New Year's Eve, as that article spread, the word "Sirius" seemed to be on everyone's lips in a wide-scale way I've never seen before. Undoubtedly, the success of that story and the internet's ability to make an idea "go viral" had a hand in it, but there was more to it than social networking. Much more. It was the sense about an ideological contagion that I get from watching patterns spread via "sync" and the collective unconscious. In the last few hours of 2011, I knew Sirius was making itself known.

On January 2nd at 9:27pm I get an email from Michael over at Gosporn:

We watched Best In Show on new years eve. Film is about the Mayflower Kennel Club Dog Show in Philadelphia ("where the dogs are the stars"). I had all these ideas and odd dreams that night, about getting a message from Sirius, or something. Just as that idea comes into my head, my dog jumps off the bed and pukes on the carpet? So... I remember it, because the dog woke me up right then.
Less than 40 minutes later, at 10:06pm, this video comes across my Facebook feed (thanks to a group that calls themselves The Secret Moon) with the description: "Kirsten Dunce [sic] plays a girl seduced by the sounds of Sirius" ... your homework while I work on Part 2 of this post is to watch all 44 minutes of this episode of The Outer Limits from 1997. It's not "good" (as in "enjoyable") but it syncs like hell.

Oh, and anyone interested in the Masonic angle to the Sirius mystery should pay close attention to the 13 minute 50 second mark where the main kid is placing a call to Japan via a Skype-like teleconference system called "Handshake." Of course, the Handshake program doesn't "start" or "load" ...No, the Handshake is for the Initiated.

“It [Sirius] is the first and most exalted object that demands our attention in the Lodge.”
-William Hutchinson
“The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star.”
-Albert Pike (Morals and Dogma)

Now, as Kotze used to say, this is where things get a little weird. If one were to continue reading that article, you'd see another line that reads:
Because the stars rise and set two hours earlier with each passing month, Sirius will be highest up for the night around 10 p.m. local time on February 1.
I'm not sure what "local" is for the person who wrote the article (it isn't very well written mind you), but that just happens to be the day I was going to do the NYC Sync Book event (before it got pushed back a day to January 31st. You should go by the way. It is going to be awesome. Get your tickets here. Siriusly. You should go.)

One of the things we are planning for that night is after the event ends-after everyone leaves the theater, to go on a group Sync Walk with the authors and the attendees. Since the theater is pretty close to the Dakota, I thought that might make an interesting pit stop for our big Sync Walk.

Since thinking about it, the Dakota has been on my mind, somewhere near the back but persistently there. Yesterday I was at the library and I spotted a movie called Jupiter's Wife. Even though Jupiter is not as big a sync resonator for me as it is for many of the g8ors, I was wondering if there might be some sync magic contained within and so I picked it up. Lo and behold, the Dakota was featured on the front:
In addition to all the weird history surrounding the building, there is the word "Dakota" itself. Here in the states, the Dakotas are the land of the Bison (read: Bi-Sun or Twin Stars of Sirius), home to a massive Masonic shrine (remember: Masons revere "the blazing star" aka Sirius), and my own travels to the Dakotas were insanely in sync with all of this. It was in the Dakotas that I first dreamt of my wolf--a connection which has reoccurred profoundly--to the point that I see it as some sort of animal guide. I had this dream that I was playing with and had befriended a wolf-- a wolf that, though massive and powerful, was not frightening in any way. The next day I found myself at an unplanned locale: the territory of the Lakota people. The Lakota are perhaps most famous as the tribe featured in the movie Dances with Wolves.
The wolf is of course a wild dog. Sirius is the Dog Star. The Dog Star is most high during the 12 days the Magi were said to be following a "star in the East" (or an Eastern Star).

The film Jupiter's Wife, tells the story of a homeless woman named Maggie (Magi) and her many dogs. No joke: the dogs are a really big part of this movie.
Kinda joke: Aside from Maggie having once lived in the Dakota, the movie holds another slight connection to the Dakota lore. Mark David Chapman shot Lennon outside the Dakota while holding a copy of Cather in the Rye and claimed to be on a similar quest as Holden in the book, in his railing against "phonies." Well, this movie is chock filled with phonies. The director/narrator nauseatingly tries to act as if he cares and is sympathetic to this woman, when the whole time you can tell he thinks she's crazy and just hopes she says some more crazy sh9t that he can catch on film.

While the movie is hard to watch because of the phoniness of those pretending to care, Maggie shines true. Yeah, a little crazy, but very true.
Plus, the director credits a very cool "meaningful coincidence" for him deciding to make the film about her. So, after wondering if there was any sync magic to be found within, I realized that a big sync is responsible for the film being made.
But there is a much much bigger sync in me watching this movie while working on a post about transmissions from stars and all that... Maggie believes she is receiving radio signals from Jupiter and that she is in direct constant telepathic communication with the planet.
That is why the movie is called Jupiter's Wife.
Here's the kicker. As the guy is doing his wrap up narration, basically saying how crazy she is, he ho-hum drops in there that she had predicted the exact date and time that his child would be born -- and that she was correct!
He says (I'm paraphrasing): "maybe if I had taken her more seriously, I wouldn't have ended up delivering my child in the back of a taxicab."
Let me tell you something... If you're making a movie about a person who predicts the day and time of something, and it happens at that exact day and time, you'd better change the name of your movie to "Holy Sh!t, The Crazy F-ing Jupiter Lady Was Right!"

With that I bid you all goodnight. Don't forget, if you haven't already, scroll back up and watch that Outer Limits episode. I think it is the most perfectly strange note to start off 2012.


  1. I'm not sure if there's a connection but the fake star/gas light that falls to the ground in The Truman Show is named Sirius.

  2. I just watched the "Jupiter's Wife" clip above where she is talking about "the Grid...or the Matrix",and thought it was a coincidence that the guys at the "Masks of God" blog named their last post "The Grid".

    Also I just received "The SYNC Book" and "Look at All the Happy Creatures" in the mail they have arrived safe into the land of Oz.-)

    But Sirusly:-)...they both look like great reads.
    I read your chapter in "The SYNC Book" and saw how tangled this sync web can get when you where talking about the numbers 42 and 24,because lately my father's old cab number has been popping up a lot in my life,so I feel it is important in some way.That number by the way is 424.
    You say 42 is often connected to the planet Jupiter,and that 24 is the inverse.Then you say you placed Douglas on page 24 of
    "The Squares that Touch" because you wanted the Lego tower to stand in for the Monolith that sends a signal to Jupiter in the movie "2001:A Space Odyssey" and "2010:The Year We Make Contact".
    You also said the other panel is from page 23 (my birth-date is the 23rd) and you said that you intentionally placed the combination of Jupiter and the word "Tiger" with the Monolith-resonating tower.You also have a speech bubble about an old lady who swallowed a tiger with a "Jupiter's Girl" (wife?)poster on the wall.
    Oddly enough,since you talk about Feb 1st above.Guess what date the next "Year of the Tiger" in 2022 starts?
    February 1, 2022 !?
    As you say "the hole just gets deeper".-)

  3. I was just reading
    "The Squares That Touch:Part 2" and thought it was also a coincidence that you placed a blazing star on the girl's PJ top and five pointed stars on her pants and on her lamp.
    And since this year is the "Year of the Dragon"
    it was also funny the monolith is shattered when the girl mentions a dragon...2012 ?

  4. "in the back of a taxi cab" - as in Taxi Driver.

    Interesting you've been picking up some Sirius shit. I guess I should do a blog post about it, maybe cross check syncs.

  5. Took the children to the library earlier...and as I was looking for myself a possible read, I picked up "The Lakota Way: Stories and Lessons For Living." It had been displayed as a librarian pick on the middle shelf. How quaint.

  6. Juno? Or another Crazy Wife?

    "We're in the shadow of the living [world]"--Plato's Cave.

  7. Charles,
    Oh yes, there is a connection. Not only is the True-Man Show a metaphor for Plato's Cave (as Eleleth mentioned) but it also has significance in one of the experiences I plan on documenting in Part 2.

    +I caught that "Grid" part and also thought of the most recent Mask Of God post. I considered adding something about it over there.
    +In the Squares#2 panel with the little girl's lamp, the artwork is actually all about encoding Venus (which is often thought of as the Magi's "Star in the East")
    +Enjoy the books and thanks for all the support!

    +Funny that Darren also mentioned his father's cab or taxi in the comment above yours. Are we back in the Taxi Driver cycle already?
    +I'd love to read your post if you've got a Sirius one in you.

    The closest library to me had their "librarian picks" on an old shelf with a Square and Compass on the top. That library recently closed for a year-long renovation and I fear that shelf won't survive. But, it caused me to relocate the the library where I found "Jupiter's Wife"

    Spot on, as always. As I said to Charles above, Plato's cave ties into Part2 of this post quite explicitly.

  8. Hey Alan. Here's a curious sequence of events regarding that Sirius/New Year article (which was published back in November, not new). I began very heavily focusing on this (Sirius and its New Year midnight culmination) on STRUG last month, then certain Winnipeg "spies" saw it and desperately wanted a piece of it, so they started mentioning Sirius out of nowhere, like via Twitter, and linked to articles like that dealing with the subject... so that some of their people or friends, like you, would start discussing it, which in turn would give the Winnipeg parasites a cover to take the idea/focus and run with it as if they had discerned its temporal importance on their own.

    So look for them to quickly come in and begin the next phase of their typical idea/theme hijacking - their own post on the subject, citing your post as a key inspiration. This is how they typically do it. (Of course, now that the scheme is semi-publicly mentioned... who knows if they'll go through with it.)

    Just wanted you to be aware of how they operate.

  9. OK, got it up, so to speak. :-) Today is the fifth of January, and the dog star is often depicted as a five pointed star. Like you, I've always associated the pentagram with Venus, but perhaps - as a signifier of the light bringer - it could encompass Sirius as well. See how easy it is to talk like a Mason? A few key words, mumbo jumbo and I'm Albert Pike!

  10. Cool. Yesterday eve before going to bed I took out the new Iphone and used it to locate Sirius in the sky, for the first time ever. I have never known exactly which star Sirius is until hours before reading this post.
    You explain to Mike that you have a special relationship to March 17, curious as this is my birthday.
    Thanks for sharing sir and I hope the sync book event goes well.

  11. Curious parisites, from Winnipeg? Goro those folks are at the forefront of synchronicity. The memes everyone enjoys does indeed infect the synchrosphere. I for one was brought to this level of gnosis with the knowledge and spirit from our northern psychonauts. No egos only soul? Dennis


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