Thursday, December 29, 2011

Talking Sync with Cosmic Gnostic

It was a real pleasure for me to wrap up 2011 talking with John Kale of Cosmic Gnostic.

Here's the image he uses as his Skype icon, so it was what I was looking at during our whole conversation:
I couldn't tell if I was gazing into the dark abyss or witnessing the flowering of creation. ...But, if I've learned anything this year, it's that those are two sides of the same coin -- And, that I am striving to find balance, "living on the edge" as it were, rather than getting caught up in dualistic thinking.

Thanks to everyone who helped or supported Happy Creatures and The Sync Book this year. Here's to a happy and healthy 2012.

Lots of love,


  1. I absolutely loved this podcast Alan.It almost summed up my feelings to a tee.
    And I had a synchronicity just at the right time as I was trying to sum up my thoughts of the photo at the top of my latest blog post.So,I thank you for that synchronistic helping hand.

    That "Cosmic Gnostic" logo looks like a cross between a Golden Spiral,a TV and/or a computer screen and a spiral question mark.
    You must read Tony Vigorito's book
    "Nine Kinds of Naked"

    which will make you appreciate the symbol of the spiral even more.
    He wrote this book by letting the story develop synchronously.
    I think you would like it.

  2. Very enjoyable. Both of you made for an interesting time.

  3. When I was taking photos in my living room a couple of days ago,I suddenly realized after reading your comment about the "Cosmic Gnostic" logo,that the fabric I picked out a couple of years ago,out of heaps of other designs,is virtually the "Cosmic Gnostic" logo in my favourite shade of blue.
    I did a post on it here,so you can see a photo of it yourself;


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