Saturday, December 3, 2011

hidden experience

Huge thanks to Mike Clelland for having me on his hidden experience podcast. This one was important for me, personally. While a lot of the shows I have been doing lately (click here for a fairly comprehensive list) have been introducing new listeners into the topics of synchronicity, Mike and his listeners are well-versed in high strangeness. This allowed us to jump into a lot of the goodies early on, get into deeper ends of the data pool, and allowed me to talk more openly about my personal experiences...specifically the ones that require a good listener that won't judge or make you feel silly.

Having listend to a bunch of his shows in the past, I knew that Mike was that guy. Together we explored the 2001 connection to the Gabby Giffords shooting, as well as the Egyptian themes, and I got to ask, "what the hell is that thing flying around in my photo from the 12/21/2010 eclipse?"
Let us remember that the eclipse itself peaked at 3:17am here in nyc. Many Happy Creatures readers will know that 3/17 is the date of Osiris' death (the original KingKill) and always seems to be a portent of oddities worth exploring.
We also discussed my experience from March 2010 -which I experienced as a week long "contact"- and which culminated in a very direct way on 3/17/2010.

Listen in here:


  1. Great interview Alan.
    Rings very true to me.
    I agree when you say Mike is a good listener that won't judge or make you feel silly.
    I think that's what opens up the people that he interviews to tell Mike and his listener's the things that they probably wouldn't be game to tell other interviewers.

    I'm not really into his UFO stories that much,although I do find them intriguing,he does seem to get a bit too repetitive at times for me...but that's the nature of journaling your have to keep examining those pieces laying on the table and try to put it together in what seems meaningful to you personally.
    I know,I do the same thing at my blog and I think pity anyone else trying to follow my drivel,but at the end of the day the posts are for me to keep track of my own weird syncs and while it's good that others get something out of them too (which is why they are Mike says,there is a reluctant compulsion in doing it on my part)
    I don't really feel the need to make it look professional,I just try to make it presentable (readable) without wasting too much time on it.I've got nothing to sell and don't want too.But it's good to find the more presentable (professional) blogs like your's and Mike's.

    I'm going to buy a copy of your Sync book and a copy of "Look at All the Happy Creatures" from Amazon because I took my son to see the play "Animal Farm" a few months back,because I think Orwell's work is so important to keep alive to the younger generations.And only yesterday I was reading the Wikipedia entry about George
    (or should I say Eric...I just finished reading "The Crow" this morning so there's an Eric sync to think about to.-)
    Orwell and ordered the "Animal Farm" animated movie on DVD.Which was what inspired my
    "Big Brother" rant on the "Do No Evil" post on my blog.
    I look forward to reading both books.
    And this blog of yours looks intriguing too.
    But I guess I should start at the beginning and work my way through.

  2. P.S.
    The word verification was "RECAL" ( recall ? )
    on my comment above.

  3. Interestingly enough also was the word verification of the "RECAL" comment above -
    "appoolo" (Apollo ?).
    In the afterword of "The Crow" it mentions that the sun god Apollo was another Greek avatar of the crow.And the word Cronos literally means the crow.
    How time flies when I'm having fun .-)

  4. what an enjoyable conversation/interview alan - it's always very evident that you speak from the heart. good stuff :)

  5. Hi again.
    After reading your posting from the 28th April,2011,I was blown away by the book I had purchased from Amazon that exact same day,called "Emmett".
    I did a post on my blog to underline the strange parallels between the book and your April 28th posting,and called it
    "Look at All the Happy Creatures:-("
    Then Mike Clellend did a post which seemed to be inspired by your podcast interview above.
    It mainly focused on Charlton Heston's movie rolls,but I even found some interesting links between Heston and Kelly (Emmett).
    This is a comment I left on Mike's under his "Evolutionary Triad" post for other reader's here who might find it interesting;

    " Emmett Kelly (the sad faced clown) has played a large roll in my life synchronistically.
    Oddly enough I bought a book from Amazon on the 28th April,2011 called "Emmett".
    It is only 48 pages long and mainly full of photos.I was flicking through this book while listening to your podcast with Alan Abbadessa Green,then went to check out his blog post from April 28th,2011,and was blown away by the synchros between the two.
    Then when I read through this post of yours I was amazed to discover my synch hero Emmett Kelly also starred in "The Greatest Show on Earth" as the sad face clown,and that Charlton Heston also starred in "Tombstone",which was a town Emmett lived and performed in as a Marshall.
    My latest post is about the three posts with all the relevant links and photos,if any of your reader's are interested.
    Here's the link to that post;

    Cheers. "


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