Sunday, January 15, 2012

42 Minutes: Neil Kramer & Stefan Jablonski

Will Morgan, one of the two regular hosts of 42 Minutes, asked me to fill in for him on a few shows over the last few weeks. I've really enjoyed this show every week and the direction Doug and Will have gone with it, so I was happy to help out. Aside from the pleasure of assisting in a project I care about, this opportunity also allowed me to speak with fellow Sync Book authors Neil Kramer and Stefan Jablonski.

Here's a rundown of my brief stint as guest host:

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In the episode with Neil Kramer we talk about the Titanic sailing again and question whether it will make it this time. This was of course meant as a metafore ... however, the news of the Costa Concordia (concordance?) broke within a few days and is being compared to the sinking of the Titanic. Make of that what you will.

. . .

Adding to the sense of community that this show has been fostering, there is even the unspoken evolution of the logo. A bunch of us have been playing with the visual, tweeking it and altering it, without ever really talking about it.
Here's a look at the chronology so far:

Doug's Sync/Labyrinth version:

Justin Morgan's Jupiter-based version:

I combined the two (in inverse):

Neil Kramer adds a lens flare:

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  1. I was watching the movie
    "Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story" and came across a shot were Bruce comes home from the "Enter the Dragon" film set,after having been shown a premonition of his death by the demon who is chasing him and Brandon (and remember this movie was made before Brandon had died on "The Crow" set)and Brandon is playing with an electric train and behind him is a doll laying on a mirrored window that looks remarkably like a Joker/Crow doll.
    You can see the stills here;

    I tried to get more info on the net about this scene but drew a blank.Does anyone know what the name of that clown doll is,what show if any it is from ?


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