Saturday, March 12, 2011

3/11 Bringing the Ring of Fire full circle (UPDATED)

The big news of the day is of course the massive earthquake in Japan. Luckily, all of our family and friends who live there seem to be okay for now. What gets me is that everything about todays events seem to be a sort of culmination of patterns I've been watching since the end of 2010. I even knew today would be a major date. Aside from the obvious fact that 3/11 is 33, all my personal syncs and intuition has led me to keep an eye out for today as a big day.

So let's spell some of it out shall we?
What were the patterns of the last few months? The Ring of Fire, the Moon, StarCup or HolyGrail, Nuclear disaster coinciding with Aliens, Twin Sons/Suns, Alchemical Reddening, Meteors seeding life on Earth, and even Winona Ryder/Johnny Depp.

For anyone who wants to look back, these were themes we saw all over our DismemberedDecember Series and JanuaryToRe-Member. Which of course led into a post about TheRingOfFire.

Things ramped up earlier this week, when we got the quickly-retracted "major" news of extraterrestrial life in meteorites seeding Earth. Once I realized the scientist was named "co3k sucker," I knew NASA was pulling a fast one.

But it fit the pattern so neatly that it really doesn't matter. Besides, if you're waiting for NASA to tell you what's up, you're wasting your time.

However, if it's Aliens that you want, Hollywood was offering up a smorgasbord today.

Mars (red planet)
That Battle of La poster looks kinda like this Charlie Sheen film, no?
(Red Dawn in the Land of the Rising Red Sun)
Also released today:

But its not just the Red of Mars. What about the supernova of Betelgeuse leading to a Red Dawn?
Back in the news again this week:

(See also: Winona Ryder in Beetlejuice)

Before leaving "Red Dawn" check out this sync I found while looking for the date of the upcoming "Cowboys and Aliens" release.

But, if you remember, the pattern was Aliens and Nuclear Disaster, not earthquakes. However, we are now we're getting news of high radiation levels at a Japanese reactor.
And really? REALLY? Is that Edward Scissorhands peeking at us? We just looked at him in the HeartShapedBox post.

We also had the Aliens connected with the Moon theme. I watched "Killer Klowns from Outer Space" last week and it was insanely rich with syncro-goodies. That's the story of an alien invasion in a town called "Crescent Cove" - syncing nicely with today's news out of "Crescent City Harbor."

The crescent moon also has strong symbolic ties to the MidEast, where there has been much in the way of turbulence and shifting. We could even look at the rearranged letters giving us both "Tunisia" and "Tsunami" in the same news feed:

Melissa and I have been watching a lot of SailorMoon lately, as I've mentioned, and last night I saw this striking image:

Today I saw this one:

When I posted that combo on Facebook, I got hit with some more syncs (including more Scissorhands):
Click here for the article linked by Justin. Super-Moon indeed.

Let's also note that this episode focuses around a character named Elsa Gray (which is a combo of the nuke-dropping Enola Gay and the alien resonating "gray").

This season of Sailor Moon is all about finding the Holy Grail and the Messiah to avert the end of the world. Funny that I should see StrangEye breaking down the semiotics of these same themes in the middle of the Earthquake:

From Wiki: "Sailor Moon obtains the Holy Grail/Purity Chalice, and evolves into Super Sailor Moon."

There's more (mostly having to do with the cupid/pierced heart leading to the holy grail), but I want to try and keep this concise and approachable. That'll all have to wait for a later post.

So, as tragic as all this is, and please let us hope and pray that there is no actual nuclear disaster or further death, the patterns have led me to this weird place of things being really okay in the end. In fact, better than okay. We just have to get through the shakeup first.



Now the SyncWhole has verified the connection between "meteor's seeding earth with alien life" in BattleLA and the Tsunami.

"In Battle: LA the aliens arrive as meteors striking the oceans just off the coastline of major cities, causing panic and sea side evacuations around the world echoing vividly the Tsunami situation in Japan. The very first bit of dialogue in the film, as the torch bearing Columbia is still filling our screens, mentions the meteors hitting off the coast of Tokyo. Above we see the ticker read "Coast of Japan". The aliens march out of the waves up unto the beaches of the world."

And now we see another nod to the Dismembered God who resonates with 14, in the form of this story: "14 Dead, One Decapitated"

And, of course, the bus was returning from Mohegan Sun.

Remembering that Saturn and Osiris and even Jesus (as killed and reborn lame gods of the underworld) are all essentially interchangable archetypes, perhaps now is a good time to mention that the "messiah" in the SailorMoon series turns out to be a sick little girl who is finally revealed to be the lame god Saturn who is restored by the power of the Grail.

Only 5 more days till the 3/17, the date of Osiris' death.


  1. In Justin's "Supermoon" link ( they quote a "William WILCOCK, another seismologist at the University of Washington"
    Whereas this "Supermoon" link ( "Pete WHEELER of the International Centre for Radio Astronomy"

    Hmm, wasn't Wheelock and Wheeler at the center of my "Ring of Fire" pattern?

  2. Just read abc news report on Japan:

    Found many interesting numbers in the article plus "ring of fire" and Crescent City to make it all sync together, as always.

    La la la, what a disaster.

    There's always superb syncs in the midst of terrible tragedy. WHY.

  3. Hey All -

    Love and peace during times of transition...

    just wanted to share - Red Dawn / Wolverines =

    Wine Lovers / Blood Drinkers -

    Beautifully balanced image, male female plus Moon wink and Jupiter is there too.

    Wolves then also link to Charlie Sheen / Cosmic Snake via Cynthia Smith & the Punk Band Rancid

    which is totally in line with all the Stephen King weirdness we are seeing. Rancid played 'Red Hot Moon' on Conan a while back - pretty resonant youtube vid out there.

    Crescent City / Santa Cruz syncs in with the article on Pisces and Punk that I posted on the 10th, via Good Riddance.

    So many blogs, so much sync, seemingly so little time.



    Anyway, thanks for the clicks and lots of love.

  4. The past couple weeks has been me cresting on a mercury surfboard on a tsunami, headed toward them. (Charlie Sheen)


  5. Amazing!
    James included the "Wolves of Callah" as a phone ref (Caller) and then Eleleth links to an article that ends with Charlie Sheen's poem "The Big White Phone"

    Now the SyncWhole has verified the connection between "meteor's seeding earth with alien life" in BattleLA and the Tsunami.
    "In Battle: LA the aliens arrive as meteors striking the oceans just off the coastline of major cities, causing panic and sea side evacuations around the world echoing vividly the Tsunami situation in Japan. The very first bit of dialogue in the film, as the torch bearing Columbia is still filling our screens, mentions the meteors hitting off the coast of Tokyo. Above we see the ticker read "Coast of Japan". The aliens march out of the waves up unto the beaches of the world."

    See also Strange Eye for more semiotics:

  6. Alright Alan, This is a long one, but I want to share my experiences as of late. They definitely relate and i think they can fuel each others fire.


    On 2/12/11, a Saturday, I went camping with some friends and my partner Mali. We camped on a beach just south of Half Moon bay. Mali and I were still excited from the night before, 2/11/11, because while out on a capricious walk through San Francisco we ran into Ghostface Killah, U-God, Killah Priest and several other members of the Wutang clan in a tea shop in Chinatown. We were the only other people in the shop and ended up drinking tea and talking to Killah Priest for a while after he approached us and asked us about my 108 prayer beads. He was very excited from drinking the tea. The shop owner exclaimed, "These guys are sooooo high!" Mali asked him "how do you know?", I assumed it was because they had been smoking weed all day in San Francisco, he replied emphatically "Cause of my Teeeeaaaaa!!!!!!" We were drinking the same tea as Killah Priest, an Ginseng Oolong called "Blue People" The Name Blue People brings to mind the blue Hindu deities Krishna and Shiva as well as Dr. Manhattan and the Indigo Children all representing a next stage in human evolution. I must say if you haven’t tried the tea it is fantastic and does in fact get you high, without making you crash afterwards. Later we stumbled into a gallery full of Erte and Dali paintings and a few other notable events. Considering we were now isolated on a remote beach we jokingly lamented there was far less of a chance of encountering such powerful and meaningful synchronicities.

    Shortly after midnight we saw 3 flashlights descending the steep cliff to the beach. Our visitors were 3 grad students from Stanford. One of them was a young man named AJ. AJ and I went to NC State at the same time in Raleigh North Carolina, and even lived less than a quarter mile from each other. I found this to be incredible considering we halfway around the globe on a remote beach in California. One of the girls had her arm in a sling due to a dislocated shoulder from being hit by an exceptionally powerful wave. We all joked that it was "fucked up how the moon song", waves, "broke her arm". This lead to discussion about how waves were moon songs. AJ is an engineering student and told us how each wave is part of a continuous wave pattern that has a corresponding wave on the opposite side of the ocean or body of water. The example he gave was "this wave crashing here" pointing to a wave as it crashed on the beach, "probably has a corresponding wave somewhere on a shore in Japan." (An amazing comment considering the events of 3/11/11). The night peaked as we discussed the mechanics of the campfire. As electrons vibrate higher they decay and emit light. My interpretation of this is "as we begin to vibrate at higher frequencies the old structures that impede the flow of light into this world will decay as we move into a world of light and love" Shortly afterwards we watched as the moon turned blood red and set into the ocean, a sight none of us had ever seen before.

    We returned home the next day and went to bed early, as we were tired from staying up the night before. In the early morning hours of Valentines Day I had a dream about a Tsunami. Mali and I were standing on a hill between Grace Cathedral and The Masonic Temple at 1111 California Street in San Francisco. An interesting symbolic dreamscape considering the juxtaposition of the masculine Masonic Temple and the feminine Grace Cathedral.

  7. The word Grace means God's favor or help from the Latin Gratia. Gratia comes from the Greek mythological terms a Charis, one of several Charites, Greek for Graces. The graces are goddesses of charm, beauty, nature, human creativity and fertility. The three Graces are Aglaea - Splendor, Euphrosyne - Merriment and Thalia - Comedy. I believe this may be the inspiration for the 3 sirens in the Sirens of Titan. Cathedral comes from the Latin cathedra, a chair principally used by women. Derive from the Greek kathedra, from kata "down" + hedra, a face of a geometric solid it could be interpreted as the descending geometry of the body of the Goddess. Through our work exploring syncs we are navigating this complex geometric web through which the Goddess is revealing herself.

    Grace Cathedral is home to 2 labyrinths based on the labyrinth at Chartres Cathedral. The labyrinth is symbolic of the sacred feminine with the Flower of life at the center. The flower of life is a symbol of generation and in its construction mirrors our cellular development as the ovum divides. It is significant that there is a labyrinth inside and outside the cathedral. Considering the word root and the relation to the sacred feminine the labyrinths could be view as the inner and outer labia on both sides of the vulva like Vesica Pieces entrance to the cathedral. Humorously Jesus who often sits inside a smaller Vesica Pisces high in the Vulva shaped cathedral could be seen as the so called "little man in the Canoe" or the Clitoris. More on men in Canoes later.

    While standing in-between these two iconic buildings symbolizing the unified polarities we watched in amazement as a giant wall of water was heading towards us. We realized we were not going to be able to escape it so we held each other watching as it raced towards us. A vision much like the scene in the Watchmen when the lover embrace as they are hit with the wave of light from the Nuclear Blast. The water hit us with tremendous force and we were thrown backwards. Seconds later we were back standing in the same place as before. I exclaimed, "What happened? How are we not hurt?" The dream zoomed out and said to me your father cast out his Phoenix to protect you. I saw my parents standing behind us and a huge flaming Phoenix shot out of my father’s chest protecting us and others from the water. When we woke up the next day I told Mali about the dream. We lay in bed for a while looking at a book of old Alchemy illustrations and were stunned to see a picture of the Alchemical twins with a flaming Phoenix rising behind them. We were both stunned. (The book is also full of William Blake illustrations, tying back to Depp's character in Deadman) The description of the Illustration reads "The cold and moist matter, woman (moon) and the hot and dry man (Sun) when unified become an androgynous being that is all four qualities at once.

  8. This refers back to your first ring of fire post where you note the combination of the 4 triangular elemental signs forms the Hexagram also called the Sexagram in Latin, a symbol of sexual union. The four elements when brought into harmony form the 5th element, Heart. (Humorously while we were camping my friends joked about how amongst the Captain Planet team the kid whose power was heart was the weakest of all) In alchemy the 4 elements refer to the 4 vibratory states of matter. Earth is the lowest, then Water, Air, and Fire. An interesting thing happens as fire burns the vibrations increase to a point of where they vibrate into a realm of light or spirit.

    To activate the heart within each of us, we can to 2 things both of which relate to the Hexagram.

    First as individuals we can harness the healing powers of the elements. Good food (earth), Clean water, clean air and good breathing, and the warmth of fire and also exercise to stoke the internal flames. These also have healing properties when combined both for internal and external use. Fire + Water can be healing though bathing or through ingesting Teas or soups. Fire + Air could be to take a Sauna which interestingly cleanses the body through releasing water. All of these healing techniques are pleasurable and help to take us higher without any crash afterward.

    The second is through the unification of opposites through Sex. When making love in a meditative way we become a unified being and unite the polarities. The hexagram depicts the unity of the upright triangle symbolizing Man's penis and testicles interlocking with Woman's vagina through the Vulva and Ovaries.

    Interestingly this symbols is also a 2D symbol of the Merkabah, the chariot of ascension. Mer" means Light. "Ka" means Spirit. "Ba" means Body. Through the harmonization of the 4 elements through the heal aspects of each and through loving conscious sex we activate the Chariot of ascension and can move into the realm of love and light.

    A tie into Johnny Depp is at the end of Deadman. The incomplete man (Edward Scissor hands) becomes complete through love of a woman. With the pierced heart of the Man in love, he travels into the next world or world of light while in the Vesica Pisces shaped Canoe. This is a classic motif in Christian art are showing Jesus, another man with a pierced heart floating to heaven in The Vesica Pisces. As William Blake, Depp’s character in Deadman, says through out the movie,

    Some are born to sweet delight,
    Some are born to endless night.

    As we are transported to the next world in the womb like Vesica Pisces we have a choice to make. The choice is Love or Fear. One will lead to sweet delight. One will lead to endless night.

    To come full circle back to the ring of fire ring of fire, as another dead man known as The Man in Black once sang:

    Love Is A Burning Thing
    And It Makes A Fiery Ring
    Bound By Wild Desire
    I Fell Into A Ring Of Fire

    I Fell Into A Burning Ring Of Fire
    I Went Down, Down, Down
    And The Flames Went Higher

    And It Burns, Burns, Burns
    The Ring Of Fire
    The Ring Of Fire

    Since the ring of fire is activating we are in a heightened vibratory state as we move up to the frequency of love or heart on our way up into light. Who knows, maybe once we learn the true power of love we may summon up Captain Planet and heal this world? If a wave of destruction can affect to opposite side of the ocean who is to say a wave of love cant do the same thing. <3

  9. Justin: the phoenix dream is amazing. The Son is in the bosom of the father?

    Alan: Once transformed, Tuxedo Mask displays additional powers. In the anime shows these as mainly physical, while the manga depicts them as rare and magical. His iconic mainstay in the anime involves the use of roses, thrown like darts to injure or distract enemies ...

    "... throwing darts in lovers' eyes?"

  10. Justin,
    Thank you again for sharing. This is a wonderful story that is both inspiring and insightful. I think I'm going to highlight it.
    Quick syncs: VesicaPisces and "the man in the canoe" makes me think of the RED "Riding" HOOD. Michael from Gosporn has also shared with me powerful syncs about a west coast "Hood Canal" which to me seemed like the gateway of the womb.
    This is all particularly personalized for me, since I spent yesterday with my family celebrating my Mom's birthday (the womb from the womb or double womb action). Her actual birthday is tomorrow, the Ides of March.
    Also, I had Cash's "Ring of Fire" playing in my head in an endless loop all last week. Now I see where that went. Last night I had the kids song "BINGO" for some bizzare reason. :) I have no idea where that could lead.

    Nice! And of course he wears a top hat and in the future as king of Crystal NeoTokyo he sports a nice templar cross pin. I assume the surface narrative is meant to connect him with the Rosey Cross. The creators are obviously well versed in a lot of this stuff, but as we've seen many times before, intentional use of symbolism does not change the unintentional and/or nonlocal syncs.

  11. Thats funny you mentioned the BINGO thing. I was driving out to Oakland to play BINGO when i had the premonition of the earthquake. Here's the orignal link to it The original invite is still up on my FB page.

    To my annoyance I had the song stuck in my head for a few days and was even humming it as I drove to Oakland. Weird stuff man...

  12. Great post!

    I came here from Strange Eye blog and your post just boggles the mind!

    So many intelligent folks in Sync-ville are really showing great talent in understanding this crisis in history.

    Since I just read about that unexplained Chinese "Two Suns" item here again AND enjoyed Etemenanki blog linking current EQ and Tsunami to "2012" movie and Tibetan Dalai Lama AND just saw that a huge "Rare Red Tibetan Mastiff" was sold yesterday for 1.5 Million$...

    ...I thought you might have a thought on the Nostradamus quatrain:

    For seven days the great star will burn,
    The cloud shall make two suns to appear:
    The big mastiff will howl all night
    When the great pontiff changes country.

    Thanks again for a great post!

  13. Justin,
    The Bingo thing is wild. I guess that was you I heard singing!

    The dog in "Sirens of Titan" is a Mastiff. That book has been an endless supply of syncs and knowledge for me. If you haven't read it, please consider doing so.
    I've written about it a few times, mainly here:


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