Friday, March 18, 2011

Day late and a dollar short

I had planned a massive post and a video for yesterday, to ring in 3/17. I also planned on winning the lottery. Siriusly. I won last year on 3/17 ($2,500 with #1788) and knew I could do it again this year. But, I was wrapped in in editing a video that kept giving me headaches and now I don't even know if I can export it.
The time came that the lotto was going to go off so I picked 4 random numbers while fighting with my video editor. Melissa ran next door and played them, but we didn't win. Guess what did come out? #317 on 3/17. Ha! Guess I was over-thinking it.

Listen, I didn't get to do my post, but what I wanted to highlight was the word "Paris" coming into play with this repeated sync pattern. Now today I see Clinton is flying to Paris and they're planning the UN Resolution/attack on Libya there. I don't know if that was just the next step in the pattern or if "Paris" really is that important.

Also, remember Paris is the Prince in the Illiad. Hel from Metropolis, Helen of Troy. And so on. We have the Prince's wedding coming up too.

I'm pressed for time, but wanted to get this out there. I'll try to add more tomorrow.


  1. The Helen archetype, of course, is the Soul, locked within the artificial fortifications of the City--the Death Star, Tower, and Hell. See: Sophia and the mythos of Simon Magus. Some cryptically say it was not Helen herself, but an illusion. But again, the motif is that of war-as-spiritual-struggle.

    Liberation of Paris? I keep getting France-related items, too.

  2. I keep syncing France as well, with all the fleur de lis bees. Today I realized that the pic of our friend Lee and Oliver also worked, because Lee is a huge Francophile and spends every spare time he can in Paris and France. Curiously, last time he was there he injured his leg bike riding, so that's another Grail King/Vulcan sync.

    If Paris is Troy, then the Germans were the Spartans.

    Interesting wikipedia entry on Libya, the Greek myth.

    wv: balion!

  3. "Some cryptically say it was not Helen herself, but an illusion." An illusion or hologram?

    Okay, you're both feeling France too. Guess we're going to have to keep an eye on it.

    that is an amazing image. The rising J-RA! Great find.

  4. Re: the illusion, I was actually thinking "Radio Bart," to continue the Simpsons theme. Scott Pilgrim believed that Gideon Graves had Ramona, but she was actually somewhere else.

    I had been meaning to re-read the Odyssey, too ...

  5. Gotcha. Speaking of Simpsons, when was the last time you watched "A Star is Burns"? I think you'd dig it. Moses, FDR, Burns as glowing heart ET and glowing heart Jesus, and so much more.

    The Iliad has been sitting on my desk for a few days. These are epic times, eh?

  6. Note that the episode is by "Oak" and "Wine Stone". Like everyone under 30, I think I have the first eight seasons of The Simpsons memorized. I had been wanting to point out the SNPP/Moon Tarot card correlation for a while, so when you posted that image, I ran with it. See also: "Rosebud" and the various references to Mr. Burns as Citizen Kane (Kubla Khan).

  7. Yeah, I really like your addition of the Moon card. Very powerful visual to see them side by side.

    Wasn't Burns also portrayed as Scrooge in a "Crismas Carol" type episode?


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