Saturday, March 19, 2011

Operation Odyssey Dawn.....REALLY?!?!?

So, let's see.
We looked at the movie Red DAWN in our 3/11 post (and again on Mask of God).

I put this quick little DuckTales/Simpsons mashup on our FaceBook page on Monday:
And talked about Homer's other epic, the Iliad, with it's Prince Paris in the last post.

And now......
"Operation Odyssey Dawn is the codename for the United States participation in the Libyan no-fly zone. The United Kingdom counterpart to this is Operation Ellamy, the French Opération Harmattan. The no-fly zone was proposed during the 2011 Libyan uprising to prevent government forces loyal to Muammar Gaddafi from carrying out air attacks on rebel forces. Several countries have prepared to take immediate military action at a conference in Paris on 19 March, 2011."


  1. I've been watching Saturday night pundits (Geraldo on FOX and CCN)describe the events of the attack live.

    First of all, something so important happening on a weekend night when most Americans could care less. Hope none of ours are placed in harm's way...Prez says from Brazil ...NO US troops will be on the ground. All the Generals on MSM said a ground assault is definitely next after 114 Tomahawks?

    Secondly, retired generals on FOX said the same exact thing as the retired generals on CNN. Some medical doctor then appears on CNN and says this is for the people...they really need the Coalition to stop Qaddaffi. Etc. How more planned could the presentations on FOX and CNN be?

    Third already a pundit slides in with talk of WMD's! Khadaffi has mustard gas? And retaliation...activation of assassins?

    The Coalition is based out of Italy, a stone's throw from Tripoli and some ratty old "dirty" bombb? Are we going nuclear again?

    Back to Nostradamus' antique piece of radioactive junk from Libya's ancient Russian arsenal would be quite nasty for Italy...Rome...the Vatican? The Pope would certainly have to change his abode!

    Thanks for the post on this "Operation Dawn" so quickly...everyone else in the world is still with Japan or on a Saturday night movie date!

    And thanks for the comment reply below! I'll check out the links you suggested! Thanks!

  2. KE,
    You wrote "Back to Nostradamus' antique piece of radioactive junk from Libya's ancient Russian arsenal would be quite nasty for Italy...Rome...the Vatican? The Pope would certainly have to change his abode!"
    Wasn't that the plot from this most recent Tom Hanks / Dan Brown movie? I didn't see it, but I think it was like an antimatter bomb over the Vatican. That's an interesting connection right there.

    Thanks for reading and joining the conversation!

  3. WTF is an odyssey dawn? What catonic jargon. I am at a loss to describe my heart on this latest grab for oil. I truly generates much agnst towards the powers that be. Why are we attacking another country when we have two wars going already? Is it truly a crusade to lock up hydrocarbons? Or is it payback for a reluctant revolutionary? Me-thinks we are truly making a huge mistake in this matter. Why does the so called rebels fly the old colony flag? Is oil that scarce that it must be robbed from it's owners? Many questions. Too many weapons of mass destruction being used on the sands of Libya. War and rumors of war. Shineforth all peacekeepers of this prison planet. Dennis

  4. Word verification for last comment- Weeper. Tell me Google and word verifications are not aware of posts and comments. Strange days indeed. Create peace. Dennis

  5. Thanks for the reply Alan and no I didn't see the movie or read that Dan Brown story! Wow! Truth is just as strange as fiction...

    And I'm with you Dennis!I can't believe this farce of an attack either! How stupid do they think we are? Or do they not care anymore that we see their hands? I mean how many times do we have to see this? Southeast Asia, the Sudan, Congo, Bosnia, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, (Egypt) and now Libya...just in my lifetime!

    Is it a requirement of office for every US President to do what others want us to do? To use us, as Jordan Maxwell notes; like a bully, a thug, a shakedown, the one to call when a country's bankrupt and a strong arm payment is due?

    Remember that Libya is a country with no foreign investors and owns it's own money. Can't have that now can they? Kadaffi also turned down Madoff! Maybe Lybia's the only country with any money left!

    BTW, saw the NatGeo episode of Gold smuggling and Dubai is the Gold capital of the world...very interesting stuff there on how it's the only country that has such lax restrictions on gold trade. Pop up to the window and withdraw a few hundred gold bars, no i.d. required!

    I hope the next generation of young people out there read and study history so they can get a clear picture of the fact that US military might is for hire! It's a shame, just a shame. And it will never end.

    Thanks all!

  6. I'm with you guys. The idea of them embrarking on another war, and getting away with it, is mindboggling.
    And, we see they are saying this will be a short-term venture, yet they are calling it the Dawn of an Odyssey. I'm afraid the latter is probably more accurate.
    The only ray of hope I can muster in this, is that the blood-thirsty crusaders may be revealed for what they truly are. Instead of showering these guys with Peace Prizes, maybe they'll be showered with well-deserved disgust.


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