Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Deja Vu (addendum)

Okay, so a big part of my last post was the similarities between the Japanese disaster and Kurt Vonnegut's book, Cat's Cradle. So, last night, when Melissa brought home this Japanese magazine with a picture of a girl playing Cat's Cradle over the caption "3.11 Disaster" I think my eyes bugged right out of my head.
That's craziness. And there isn't much more I can say about that, but "WOW."

But while I've got you here, let me just add a few things that I left out of the last post. Remember, Back To The Future & Time Travel was the other half of the pattern. Well, last week, there was this story of China banning depictions of Time Travel, with the obligatory BTTF image:
Alongside blatant Time Travel, there has been the similar Deja Vu sync (which we also spoke of in the last post). Here's a local newspaper from April 2nd:
And three days later I get a comment on my Facebook page from Anthony Peake, a man who specializes in Deja Vu. And what is he commenting on, but the JapaneseDisaster-resonating 2nd issue of Squares That Touch.
You can (and should) listen to Anthony on RedIce, by clicking here.

Last, but not least, I feel really bad for forgetting to mention Eleleth's amazing post, Crystal Japan, as further resonating with a crystallizing of Japan via Ice-9 from Cat's Cradle.

I'm currently working on a major post about this friday's numerous events which seem to tie together every single post from 2011 (and even some of the earliest patterns we ever looked at on this blog). I'll try to have it ready soon.

Here's more weirdness with time in flux or objects out of place.
Yesterday there were two stories that were almost the same.

Is time in flux or are we merely paying for the sins of our fathers?


  1. Ha! I just was speaking of a feeling of deja vu in my last email, then i come here and see your latest post :) Also, a couple of days ago I spontaneously bought Anthony Peake's book "The Daemon: A Guide To Your Extraordinary Secret Self". I was literally on my way to pay for my other books, I saw the title and instinctively just grabbed it and added it to the stack! Good stuff. Looking forward to your upcoming major post

  2. Thanks Crystal. Yeah, when I got your Deja Vu email I wondered if you had read this or if that was just another funny sync.
    I've been having a blast with you at MOG and I'm so glad you looked into Anthony Peake. He seems to have a really interesting perspective.


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