Thursday, September 13, 2012

The Seventh Seal

So there's this billboard in Texas that is inspiring some controversy and some bumperstickers and maybe even some violence. In one respect it is par for the course in 2012 politics as (un)usual. In another respect it shows the outright threats of violence that we knew would come with an Obama presidency--not only as a black man, but as someone who was compared to Lincoln, JFK, and MLK from the moment he took office (gee, what do they have in common?). But, what interests me most is that it is another mirroring of Obama and Osama. I'm almost surprised that this echo is still showing up, but not really. This pattern has been strong. Very very strong and very very consistent. And I'm not talking about just idiotic talking heads with their Freudian slips and such. I'm talking about a very serious connection between these two men.

When Suicide Kings comes out, you'll see some of the connections between Obama and Osama and the whole way in which the events unfolded--some of this stuff is just downright jaw dropping. I don't say that as some trick to get you to buy a book--it won't even be out for a few months--I say that because I found some stuff while working on this book that just absolutely floored me. I can't wait to share it with you.

I'll be sure to share some of these nuggets with you all real soon. For today, I want to focus on this billboard and the obvious political maneuvering and phony debate as to whether or not Obama gets credit for killing Osama.

Others unhappy with the ad said the President deserved credit himself for removing a threat to America. Schad [who paid for the billboard] agrees, but didn’t agree with the way the President accepted that credit.“He needs to understand its ‘we’, a team effort,” he said. “He didn’t pull the trigger those SEALs pulled the trigger.”

The whole thing is so f-ing silly. ...Well, silly only until you realize that Osama was theoretically killed by Seal Team Six. If Obama is one part of the "team" that got 'em, would that make Obama... Oh I don't know...



  1. Re:
    "Can't wait too read Suicide Kings".

    That should have been to,too.-)

  2. o-B-ama

    What do they not have in common?


    40 minute fire fight = "toy water pistol"
    40 minute ceremony = "eased into the sea"
    40 = the water box trial and MC-raven.

    This news cycle time frame was cross pollinated with Marilyn Monroe and her male hairdresser = Corybantes; and Marlin Brando, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson, all in a car escaping 911 to oHIo = again .. Corybantes.

    Finished this BS story with the Ace of Spades, EVIE/Turdie, and Barry, the Mass of the Phoenix 44.

    All of which is Corybantes and the siren song OPEL LOPE POLE.

  3. Seal skin is the water proof covering of the DOOR of the tabernacle of the pseudo-Semites in the wilderness. It of course also plays the cover / hiding place for this epic episode...

    "'Stranger,' said she, 'I will make it all quite clear to you. About the time when the sun shall have reached mid heaven, the old man of the sea comes up from under the waves, heralded by the West wind that furs the water over his head. As soon as he has come up he lies down, and goes to sleep in a great sea cave, where the seals--Halosydne's chickens as they call them--come up also from the grey sea, and go to sleep in shoals all round him; and a very strong and fish-like smell do they bring with them. Early to-morrow morning I will take you to this place and will lay you in ambush. Pick out, therefore, the three best men you have in your fleet, and I will tell you all the tricks that the old man will play you.

    "'First he will look over all his seals, and count them; then, when he has seen them and tallied them on his five fingers, he will go to sleep among them, as a shepherd among his sheep. The moment you see that he is asleep seize him; put forth all your strength and hold him fast, for he will do his very utmost to get away from you. He will turn himself into every kind of creature that goes upon the earth, and will become also both fire and water; but you must hold him fast and grip him tighter and tighter, till he begins to talk to you and comes back to what he was when you saw him go to sleep; then you may slacken your hold and let him go; and you can ask him which of the gods it is that is angry with you, and what you must do to reach your home over the seas.'

    "Having so said she dived under the waves, whereon I turned back to the place where my ships were ranged upon the shore; and my heart was clouded with care as I went along. When I reached my ship we got supper ready, for night was falling, and camped down upon the beach.

    "When the child of morning rosy-fingered Dawn appeared, I took the three men on whose prowess of all kinds I could most rely, and went along by the sea-side, praying heartily to heaven. Meanwhile the goddess fetched me up four seal skins from the bottom of the sea, all of them just skinned, for she meant playing a trick upon her father. Then she dug four pits for us to lie in, and sat down to wait till we should come up. When we were close to her, she made us lie down in the pits one after the other, and threw a seal skin over each of us. Our ambuscade would have been intolerable, for the stench of the fishy seals was most distressing -- who would go to bed with a sea monster if he could help it?--but here, too, the goddess helped us, and thought of something that gave us great relief, for she put some ambrosia under each man's nostrils, which was so fragrant that it killed the smell of the seals.

    This ambuscade is none other than the "Evening of the West" and our descent into her tricks and her seal skinned servants.

    And what his the seal skin? Kelipot. Guy Faux .. aka every false fella with paper identity and an enrollment in the Black Iron Prison. We'd like to remember the reason of 11/5 but all we end up doing is parroting "God save the Queen".


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