Tuesday, November 2, 2010

K2 SyncStorm goes POP!

Today is November 2nd. 11/2 becomes K2, which Jake Kotze connected to the 9/11 megaritual.
November 2nd was also my grandfather's birthday. He was a steelworker who worked on the construction of the WTC.
I realized this morning that I had placed his hardhat atop my Stanley Kubrick movie posters, with 2001 being highlighted by the WTC.
Helmets make me think of headspace - something that ties directly into the 9/11 Stargate concept. We can also see the helmet of Full Metal Jacket and the psychic or telepathic resonating Shining.

In our last post we spoke of the big POP!, something that has also been a major topic over at the SyncWhole. Imagine my surprise when today's newspaper cover had a weasel - as in Pop Goes The Weasel.
On the RedSquare: 47 (Silver/Moon) 24 (Jupiter)

I had to buy the paper, to see what was inside. The back cover tells it all:
Pop goes the weasel indeed. And a Giant POP at that.

Any question that this ties back to K2 and the 9/11 Stargate is just blown away in this panel from Over The Hedge that features both 11-2 and a "Tear in the Fabric of Space." And what's Pop without Mom?

We even get a sports story titled "New Patriot Act" - another harkening back to 2001 and 9/11.

I just went to the SyncWhole to take a screencap of them talking about King Kong (K2) and then a new stream comes up talking about Over The Hedge. Incredible.
The reason I wanted to get that screencap about KingKong is because, as I was writing about all this, my friend Rammer sent me an invitation to a local comicbook happening. Aside from the obvious KingKong sync, check out the address. 227 (also known as the ratio for Pi).

Even Drudge gets in on the action, syncing the Matrix-style building hang (that goes with Satoralime's helicopter reference) with the big Pop! in Indonesia.

Did I just connect that to the Matrix? I think I did. Remember that scene where Neo jumps off the roof and bounces off the sidewalk? Well, Drudge just refreshed their page with this amazing addition to their headlines.


  1. great article Alan!
    Check out the wild syncs to today's UPDATE to (October 2010 article) 33 trapped Gold and Copper Miners in SAN JOSE mine Chile on Strange Eye.


  2. There's also the Falling Man reference: http://www.theage.com.au/news/tv-reviews/911-the-falling-man/2006/08/30/1156816955060.html

  3. I'm amazed (not so much, because I'm getting used to it) that your grandfather ( a steelworker or "mason") has a hat that echoes the Veil of Isis, between the two pillars of J and B. Weasels always remind me of Who Killed Roger Rabbit - they laughed themselves to death.

  4. Ti69er and StrangEye,
    Thank you both!

    You're on it! Thank you man.

    I know right? Less and less surprised every day.
    Grand Father.
    Great Pop.
    I had forgotten all about the Weasels in Roger Rabbit. We are, of course heading into the year of the Rabbit and I feel more and more sure that the Weasels will bring about their own downfall.


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