Friday, November 5, 2010

117 and K2 "SuperSized" SinkHoles

After writing about the 11/2 or K2 syncstorm in our last post, news breaks of an 11/2 "supersized" sinkhole:
This is made all the more into a mind blowing sync by the fact that Morgan from the Unraveling stayed with us for one day - that very day - and we watched what else?
Crazyness. Pure beautiful kissed by the universe craziness.

And now we get this incredible (4 minute and 42 second) video of a Brazilian Sink Hole on 10/17 (117):

As always I refer you to the SyncWhole for less dangerous, but no less powerful, syncage.


  1. Super Size Me = SS me. Supersized Sinkhole is another SS. SS is also 11 in pythagorean numerology! Yay.

  2. Greets Al,

    your blog site rss feed has been included in

    The SYNC LIST at

    if you have a twitter account notify me @twitter and it will be added to the twitter

    widget on The SYNC LIST.

  3. Oops make that twitter account @strangeye instead!



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