Monday, November 22, 2010

King Donkey Kong and the Twin Towers return with a Bang

Before we begin, I'd recommend listening to the Syncromystic Roundtable that went down the other night, hosted by Kevin Tinfoil. Speakers include Jake Kotze, Kevin Halcott, Will Morgan, myself in the second hour, and a bunch of others. The show comes in at exactly 3 hours and 14 minutes, resonating Pi, and brings up many of the topics we're going to discuss today.

Since we've been talking about Big Bangs over the last few posts, let's start with today's newspaper. 44 years after JFK was shot, we get this story of a big "bang" at JFK airport.

Then there's this collage I made which visually ties together the 44th president and the big-bang-generating CERN, along with the anti-matter they created and the SyncWhole's look at the return of the Ring.

This is a play on "Return of the King" from Lord of the Rings, and it seems that a King of sorts is returning. Namely King Kong. Remember, that series also included The Two Towers, which seem to be intricately tied into this pattern.

In the Roundtable, Will brings up syncs revolving around Jeff Bridges and King Kong and the Twin Towers, as they tie into 9/11. He then relates this to the 9/11 connections that have been found in the Super Mario Brothers movie.
I made the point that Mario made his debut fighting Donkey Kong, a King Kong resonator if there ever was one.
The very next day, as I'm reading a story about the Moon, which itself seems to always pop up in connection with the Twin Towers, I see this ad at the top of the screen.
The idea of Donkey Kong being connected to falling towers, is made all the more clear by this Jenga set:
And let us not forget that while we just had a new blue moon, we also had a new blue moon goddess, in the story of the sapphire ring.
Even Spider-Man, whose movie was edited to take out a scene where he spins a web between the Two Towers, peeks at us from the top of the paper. I find this even more interesting, since our roundtable conversation spoke of "The Sync Web" being connected to "Cloud Computing" and Melissa had just told me that day that the Japanese word for "Spider" is the same as "Cloud." To push that thought a step further, the Greek myth of Arachne also involves Athena spinning a beautiful tapestry out of "the silk of the clouds" before she turns Arachne into a Spider. Hmm.

The night after the roundtable, I get into an email conversation with Michael from Gosporn, where we talk about Back to the Future and Rainbow Bridges and all the fun stuff syncheads talk about. He sent me a picture of from a coffee shop, that he thought went well with the K2 "tear in the fabric of space" cartoon from my post K2 SyncStorm goes Pop! - the same post that featured my grandfather's helmet from the construction of the World Trade Center (which I later realized reads CIA):
And also connected King Kong to Pi, through this poster with the address 227:
Something about the image he sent me reminded me of a photo I took last April. I dug through my old photos to find it:
I guess I took the picture because it had a bunch of circumpuncts and pointed stars and the number 17. So, I send Michael the email, but then I realized that I used the metaphor of gears to relate to the SyncWeb or Cloud. I say, okay, maybe that was in my subconscious and move on with my night. Melissa and I decide to go out for dinner. We walk around and pass this poster:
Not only do the gears look the same, but the word "Toys" reminds me of the movie of the same title. The movie "Toys" has also been shown by Jake to have strange connections to the Twin Towers.
Oh, sorry to distract, but since we're talking of Toys, I should point out that Lego just put out its newest in the Atlantis line - something we've looked at before. As long as we're talking about 9/11 stargates, check out this "Portal to Atlantis" shaped like the Pentagon:
Anyway, gears right? As soon as we pass that Toys/Gears ad, we walk past this other poster:
We then go to one of our absolute favorite places to eat. A place appropriately named "Mario's" with a sign reading "Boom" outside:
Boom, being similar to "Bang" or "Pop" or even "Pow" - also happens to be the name of the realtor who brokers the property we are negotiating to open the Pointe of Symmetry Art Center. A realtor named "Boom" -> Big Bang to start Reality. :)

"Pow" also resonates with the Mario Bros, through their first Atari game:
This would be just fun, but then the kid at the table next to me starts playing Mario Kart and I see that he's racing across the Rainbow Bridge!
And what is he drinking but Pink soda Pop. Ha.
Hadn't I just been talking to Michael about both the Rainbow Bridge and the Pink energy of Green Lantern's "Star Sapphire" character? Not to mention the obvious POP! connection.

But what should flash on the TV at Mario's restaurant, but a commercial for a K2-resonating show called Kid VS Kat. The words "Kat to the Future" comes across the screen in the logo style of Back to the Future! I found the show on YouTube and it's filled with 88-resonant circled Hs and Green glowing lights, alien mushrooms and tons of other syncs.

Not to mention, that this is another Disney cartoon that shows Time Travel resulting in an authoritarian future, much like the one we looked at in Darkwing Duck.

Wiki tells us that this was Season 2, Episode 8. Giving us the two 8s or 88.
Original airdates: November 6, 2010 (Canada) / November 23, 2010 (U.S.A)

Bear in mind that, that very morning I woke up wanting a Milky Way candy bar like I've never wanted anything before. I went to a deli and bought one, but it was old and chalky. I went back and said to the guy, "I'm giving this back to you and taking something else." Melissa suggested a KitKat. From KitKat to Kid vs Kat. That's the kind of day I had.

It should also be noted that Melissa's name in Japanese is Mari and her last initial was "O" before we got married. I used to call her MariO after we started eating at that restaurant.
But now, her name is Melissa (meaning "Bee") Green. So she's now actually the Green Hornet, which also syncs with K2 or Kato.
There's another place in our neighborhood, also called Mario's and he makes no secret about his connection to Pi.

So the King/Ring and all that is making a return big time. What that means for us remains to be seen. But, based on the Back to the Future and King Kong syncs, I'd say we have to calm the beast inside of us, learn to not fly off the handle like Marty, and all that goodness. Otherwise we end up as monsters.
This is the video I made a bit back, mentioned in the roundtable, which connects Saddam to Mario and teaches us that very lesson:


  1. I haven't had a chance to listen to this yet, but thanks for covering Mario. There is clearly a lot of untapped material in the world of video games. Check out the Kingdom Hearts series, for instance.

    I'm not sure if you saw this, but over at the Sync Whole, I mentioned that in Super Mario Bros. 3, King Koopa (Kubla Khan?) stole the kings' magic wands (Klingsor's Holy Spear) and transformed them into animals. In the movie Super Mario Bros., the Princess is named Daisy--like Blanchefleur in Perceval, and Donald Duck's girlfriend. The movie was also about overlapping realities, was it not? Wasn't there also a mysterious black stone that fell from heaven?

    Sixty-five million years ago, a meteorite crashed into the Earth, and in doing so ripped the universe into two parallel dimensions.... Daisy's rock [is] a meteorite fragment which Koopa is trying to get in order to merge his world with the real world that separated from Koopa's world during the meteor strike. It turns out that Daisy is the princess of the other dimension but when Koopa overthrew Daisy's father (and turned him into fungus), Daisy's mother took her to New York using the inter-dimensional portal.

    Isn't this what Wolfram says is the origin of the Grail Stone--the Star Cup!?

    The brothers save the two worlds from a cruel dictator and Daisy's father (Lance Henriksen) turns back to normal and reclaims control over the kingdom stating he "loves those plumbers".

    The healing of the King!

    Have you ever read the Scott Pilgrim comic (or seen the recent movie)? There is some amazing synchromystic depth in this--the love interest is named Ramona Flowers (as in David Bowie's Ramona A. Stone, and Blanchefleur/Daisy) and she carries a conduit to Subspace (a la Super Mario Bros. 2)--obviously referring to the subconscious, with the implication throughout that Ramona is his Jungian anima. In a story that is very overtly influenced by videogames, Scott must defeat her evil exes and discovers that the villain, Gideon (Hebrew for the "destroyer") had been covertly influencing their minds by injecting thoughts of self-loathing in order to drive them apart. He confronts Gideon on a Masonic checkered floor in Subspace and...well, it just gets stranger from there. The final climax takes place on the capstone of a black pyramid.

    King Kong, the beast, also reminded me of this alphabet sentence:


    "A beast effigy hijack elements (or "kill men"), hope Christ you have, double you acts wise."

  2. Hey, all you happy creatures. Awesome stuff, thanks for writing it down in some kind of order! :-) Just did a post at gosporn where I'm trying to come to some kind of terms with what happened, pictures mostly.

  3. Eleleth,
    I know that Jake Kotze had done a video a while back connecting Apes and Ducks to Toth and 9/11, but I think there is still much more inside this well. You mentioned Daisy and made the leap to Daisy Duck. Perfect! I told you I have a Duck post coming with you in mind, but this is all making more and more sense as it develops. Thank you for all your additions!
    I haven't read or seen Scott Pilgrim, but I just checked out your post where you break it down. Great post.

    The "Z" and the dwarves in your post go hand in hand with the movie "Toys." The Toy company in the movie is ZevO and who else famously makes toys, but elves/dwarves?

  4. Yeah, a lot of my stuff seems to get into the same sync currents that Jake Koetze covered several years ago--it's like, I'm just trying to finish what he started and really explain what it all means, or something--it's weird. The things I post in the comments section here always seem to turn into blog posts.

    Did you notice how close the AAT plot of Dirk Gently is to the Tralfamadorians in The Sirens of Titan? I only realized recently that Titan orbits Saturn (the Black Sun) in the same way that eartH orbits the Sun. Winston Niles Rumfoord also sticks mind control devices in people's heads...

    Scott Pilgrim's rock band ("Sex Bob-omb"--hint) has a song called "Launchpad McQuack"--it's like the universe is just toying with me. Donald and Daisy both have the same last name, call Scrooge "Uncle," and look identical, so there's a clear incest subtext there, too. (Luke/Leia motif.)

    I just happened to read through some Daisy Duck comics--in one, Donald Duck wins a cruise with Daisy by reciting a line of Samuel Taylor Coleridge's "Rime of the Ancient Mariner" and then shoots a literal albatross. So that means that at least TWO Coleridge poems have been adapted into Disney Duck comics.

    Is Coleridge the "missing sync" key?

  5. Isn't it amazing? Whenever I start down one road, I find traces of Jake's having covered it years before. However, I don't find that discouraging in any way. Like you, I think I'm wrapping up the loose ends of the work he started (or something) - plus, if it leads me to the peace of mind Jake seems to have found for himself, I'd be more than happy to end up there.

    And yeah, I've noticed that your comments here later end up as posts on your blog. That's great. That's sorta how I started this blog. I would leave comments around and would feel unsatisfied with trying to sum up my thoughts in a few lines. I'm happy with where my posts have taken me and where yours seem to be taking you. Keep doing what you're doing. It's amazing work!


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