Monday, July 11, 2011

The Wives of Henry VIII (UPDATES)

Isis Unveiled

Been thinking a lot about and having many syncs pointing in the direction of Henry VIII and his many killed wives. Then I see that there is a movie coming out called "Horrid Henry" featuring a purple "bloody" handprint...
...same as the one we saw just before the Osama KingKill.
Interesting to note that the recent Casey Anthony trial was compared to the OJ Simpson trial which was very much about the "Bloody Glove."

We wrote about all the ways the April KingKill event was a play on the Obama/Osama "devil twin" motif, so this movie about Saddam's Princely Son coming out around the same time as "Horrid Henry" is a bit foreboding.
Though, seeing him presented as the Golden Child of the New Aeon adds an interesting twist to the mix.

If you remember all the language around the Osama/Obama KingKill, there was a lot of stuff that dealt with the Cat King .... or Kat and the future King.
Marilyn, herself no stranger to the KingKill.
A very merry Un-Birthday

So, now Kat/Kate is being compared to Marilyn, who was compared with Kate's mother-in-law in a previous mega-ritual event.
Prince Charles wore black on his wedding day, seeming to indicate that Diana would die during the coniunctio of the Nigredo before being resurrected as Kate Middleton. (This appears to be a separate alchemical cycle, going on concurrently with our post-9/11 cycle.) And while the wedding of Diana and Charles was black, Prince William wore red, as if to proclaim indisputably that the Royal Wedding of Will and Kate represented the final coniunctio of the Rubedo stage.
-Eleleth, from his SyncBook piece.
Remember, we also just saw Tori Spelling crash her car while trying to outrun the paparazzi (echoing the Diana crash). As we've mentioned, Torii is literally our Japanese Stargate (that was to come out of the KingKill).

Eleleth emailed me this image from a Japanese anime he had been writing about over on MaskOfGod.
Adding, "like clockwork, sync moves to pull the pieces together. She's the one I called the "bride" (Malkuth) right before Kat had her dress mishap. Weird. She (Asuka) dies at the bottom of a lake (before her resurrection). The sync is so exact that she (Asuka Langley) appears on an aircraft carrier."

I thought back to the opening lines of the Big Lebowski (spoken by Sam Elliot aka The Stranger, who we discussed in the April 28th KK post)...
(Click here if you can't make out the text)

And I remembered this headline I had saved from the Royal Wedding day that I knew would come back into play.

Drudge top headline 7/14 echoes Monroe

(Then this on 7/18, harkening back to this)

Isis Unveiled indeed.

"You talk about your woman, I wish you could see mine."



  1. It is curious. The collapse of the Murdoch empire does seem like another ritual sacrifice. Gotta KK the goat every now and then so the rest of the media herd can carry on doing the same, but now washed clean by the blood of the lamb. Born again.

  2. And I did want to mention that I saw a "Tudor Construction" van within about 5 minutes of reading your post. Henery the 8th I am, I am.

  3. Rupert Murdoch is Citizen Kane, after all. And we thought Kahn was off the hook.

  4. Lebowski and Tron both feature Jeff Bridges (the Starman) fighting another version of himself.

    The Dude is greeted by Maude Lebowski, who seduces him. During post-coital conversation with Maude, The Dude learns that she hopes to conceive a child with him but wants him to have no hand in the child's upbringing. He also finds out that, despite appearances, her father has no money of his own. Maude's late mother was the rich one, and she left her money exclusively to the family charity.... while Bunny took an unannounced trip, the nihilists (her friends) alleged a kidnapping in order to get money from her husband.


  5. Re: Kate's dress revealing an "ass"...A CBS report on the assassination of Afghan president Karzai's brother...the word ASSASSINATION appeared in the headline with spaces between the second S and A..."ASS ASS INATION" ...Just as a naughty neighbor of mine goes outside on his sidewalk to use his cellular in a too short towel..accidentally revealing his ASS twice.

  6. hey alan, nice post. i was in a thread at secretsun facebook just prior to coming here; one of my comments - "the mysteries of isis are 'veiled' from the profane, revelation may require a dionysian tipple to ' get her in the mood', so to speak." so your synch mojo transcends time and space as usual.well done.

  7. Thought you'd appreciate the not so subtlety of a political cartoon in today's local paper. A play on the Harry Potter movie: "Barry Potter and the Debtly Hallows!" Debt-ly may as well be deathly apparently!
    Thanks, great post!

  8. Thanks all! I swear I'll get back to responding after the Sync Book is finished.

  9. KE's cartoon seems especially relevant, re: Tom Riddle's "debt." I guess that's why Harry Read had to seal the deal.

    And again:


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