Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Great Gig In The Sky Part 2: Passing the Torch

  • May 17: Donna Summer dies (echoing Beltane May Queen and 9/11).
  • May 18-19: G8 Summit, Camp David, Maryland 
  • May 19: Olympic torch relay begins in UK and runs till July 27 opening of Olympic games (Link)
  • May 20: Annular Solar Eclipse (Black Sun)
  • May 20-21 NATO Summit, Chicago
  • May 23+24: "Obama says 'My Sons' twice in two days" manufactured controversy
  • May 25: Dragon docks with ISiS
  • May 25: Olympic torch enters Wales
  • May 27 (western) June 3 (eastern): Pentecost a.ka. White-Sun
  • May 31-June 3rd: Bilderberg 2012 Meeting in Chantilly, VA
  • June 3: Enterprise Shuttle Barge Trip, NYC
  • June 2-5: "Central Weekend" of The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
  • June 4: Partial Lunar Eclipse
  • June 5-6: Venus Transit (technically a Venus Eclipse)
  • Plus a few other celestial events in this window via StrangEye
I think the Olympic torch entering Wales the same day as the Dragon docking with ISiS is pretty interesting what with the national flag for Wales being a huge f-ing dragon and Diana, the Princess of Wales, was so named for the moon goddess. I also can't help but think the running and keeping of "the sacred flame" is a huge part of what we're seeing. Going with the "Space Race" theme, the Enterprise shuttle "passed the torch" of Liberty again this week.
Goro Adachi has done a fantastic write up of what he's calling the "Transit Ritual" - Highly recommended reading!
I would add that this is the same thing we saw with Anubis back on March 23rd 2010.


UPDATE: June 9th

The Brits call a flashlight a "torch", making this story out of Phoenix all the more timely:



  1. Don't forget also,talking about sacred flames, that Hollywood launches the movie "Prometheus" this weekend,June 7th.


  2. I can't believe it's being craned onto the Intrepid, that's my secret sync holy grail code word, since Intrepid was the two time defender of the America's Cup (grail). A super torch ritual, indeed.

  3. This may not mean anything to you, but did you happen to catch the May 20 episode of Family Guy where Peter accidentally Kills the Queen? In a tunnel, none the less.

  4. Did you see that the arrival has been delayed to 6/6?

  5. For all you sync heads and music lovers out there,just a reminder that
    "It's Not Night: It's Space" need just over $1000 in 6 days to get their first album recorded. So go here to throw your spare change at them -



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