Monday, October 25, 2010

The Muppet Show's Magic Mushrooms of Osiris

In Chris Knowles' "Alien Dreaming and the Widening Gyre" he lays out a pattern in which X-Files episodes featuring Alien contact often come directly after episodes featuring entheogen or hallucinogenic motifs.
This is a pattern I later noticed within the Darkwing Duck series, as laid out alongside the idea of the UFO/other being an aspect of sound.

After the 10/13 whatever you want to call it, he writes:
I'm not surprised by this turn of events, which is why I put up the Alien Dreaming post. If you want mystery and wonder in your life, you don't need the skies to open with barbaric gods or saucers- you need to do the hard work of retrofitting this crazy neural software locked inside our skulls and finally solving some of the mysteries those ancient visitors left in their wake.
It just so happens that I had edited a video about a week earlier that revisits this idea, however YouTube has been scrambling the audio on every video I've posted in the last month or two. Now, I just tried uploading to Vimeo and that seems to work like a peach. So here you go:

I have a bunch more to add to this post, but I'll have to come back to it another time.

Much love.


  1. cool post ! in season 8 of the simpsons they also use this 'Alien contact episode right after an entheogen or hallucinogenic motif' device. in the episode 'El Viaje Misterioso de Nuestro Jomer' Homer 'trips' on insanity peppers. in the very next episode 'the springfield files' the town mistakes a doped-up Mr. Burns for an alien. peace in, Duke.

  2. That's awesome. Great info Duke.
    And much peace to you as well.

  3. I noticed the number 3:11 in your interesting video there...That number was basically my initiation into the world of synchromysticism (which I think kicked off early 2004), and has repeatedly produced connections with alien themes.

    And the pre-mushroom line in gonzo's song said "I'd rather be a PANcake than a..." while the GOAT is playing a FLUTE...Huh.
    Great video tho!

  4. Ah, forgot something!

    A "trap door" is mentioned near the beginning...That theme seems to have been connected to Salvia Divinorum (my entheogen of choice) by the author of Pharmako/Poeia on the S.D. Research and Information Center...

    Gonzo is a whatever: "I AM WHAT(ever) I AM." --God

  5. Yeah, I have so much more to add to this post. The 3:11 episode features Raquel Welch star of One Million Years BC - which might give us a clue as to when the Mushrooms first landed :) Assuming there's anything to that of course.
    I had caught the PANcake reference and my brother pointed out to me that Paul Simon is wearing the Red and White of the Aminita as he sings Scarborough Fair.
    But I love your additions of the "Trap door" and the "I am what I am"
    Fantastic. Thank you!


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