Friday, October 1, 2010

Squares That Touch: pages 00-15

Here we go folks! Squares That Touch has officially begun...
These pages are a wonderful mix of ideas and talents old and new. I had sketched out this intro scene a few years ago when I first got the idea to do Squares. Now, they've been brought to life by new team member Melissa's pencils.
Note: Since Melissa and I are newly married, this is the first project we're doing with our new names.

Also, the constellation Orion was always there on page 11, to play up the idea of alignment. With the things I've learned in the last few years, the role of Orion in this story and the way it syncs with mythology that I hadn't read yet, is fascinating to me on a personal level. Old ideas, new eyes.
Again, it's amazing to see all these old and new squares interact and play with each other.
I hope you'll enjoy!

PS: Each image is technically a two-page spread. I'm designing the layouts with a consideration for how it would be to read them in a book, where you always see two pages at a time. Please keep this in mind as you scroll down.

Click artwork to zoom-in.

Pages 00 and 01
Pages 02 and 03
Pages 04 and 05
Pages 06 and 07
Pages 08 and 09
Pages 10 and 11
Pages 12 and 13
Pages 14 and 15

*I decided to preview the first 15 pages over here, but future pages will be posted to the Squares That Touch blog.

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