Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Watch me unravel

Hey all, I've been having this strange slew of technical problems lately that have kept me from posting more. I've got two finished videos all edited and ready to go that YouTube keeps spitting back out at me. Alas, I just keep on keeping on. Gives me more time to focus on wrapping up the book anyway. If you haven't seen me around much lately, I hope you know that I've been thinking about all of you.

Today, Melissa informed me that she spoke to Morgan from the unraveling... and scheduled a little impromptu Podcast via Skpye. This of course was not without its own technical issues, but there are only a few moments here and there where the audio cuts out. Ride those out because Morgan has some beautiful words to share with all of you.

Give it a listen:

PS: Morgan Bolender is another MB or 42 sync. Throw it on the pile. We've got lots of love.

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