Sunday, October 10, 2010

The w(hole) and bro-ken heART

I've been musing about the physical and metaphorical heart for awhile. The broken hearts, the longing hearts, the loving hearts, the gentle hearts. What makes them shatter and what makes them whole? They swell from joy, yet feel heavy from pain. Ignore it enough, and one will feel dead.

Earlier this month, I posed this question to my dearest friend Morgan:

Is it possible to make a heart whole? Sometimes a heart feels so depleted after giving and giving, where do the pieces come to make it whole again?

The reply from Morgan:

I would say that in order to experience the wholeness of your heart, the fragments need to be integrated - all that has crystallized has to be scorched into fluidity (since life is fluid...).

Just like the sun is always shining, regardless of whether or not it's covered by clouds, the heart is whole, one, beneath it all.

When one begins residing in this place of wholeness, all action is honest. When all action is honest, there is infinite energy, as it is coming from...the infinite.


Her response so impacted me that I needed to share it.

There's something to be said about the fact that Hole and Whole is only one letter different.

What's so special about the 'W' that makes it a total opposite meaning?




foxes are much more known for their sly and cunning personalities and not of a wild one.


  1. She's quite right; the heart has to be "scorched" into fluidity. What I have been trying to say in various ways is that alchemy is all about using the fire, the Kundalini, to purge away all of those "shadows" (= blocked energy) that stand in the way of infite bliss. Pinocchio lighting the fire in the whale's belly and all that.

    Maybe I'm just repeating myself here, but all of our mythology points to it as part of a univeral drive to psychic wholeness--this is what Joseph Campbell and Jung (to a limited extent) wrote about.

    And I can say from personal experience that it is not an easy thing. The question that one is always confronted with is, how do "normal" people function from day to day with all of this heaviness?

    Also, check out the heart emblems by the Rosicrucian Daniel Cramer. He often shows the heart in a furnace.

  2. It's really not an easy thing at all.

    Growing up, we are taught to be "strong" and not cry, not want, not show our true selves.
    We are supposed to be robots, miserable, playing the game just like everyone else. Push aside the things that make us feel alive, because, well, that's selfish.

    Now, to cleanse from that is quite a journey in itself!
    Stepping out of the comfort zone into the unknown, stripping away the mask, ridding oneself of all societal rules, is terrifying yet satisfying.

    It is in those moments of showing your true colors, in all its rawness and gore, that truly sparks the fire within.
    And teaches us so much about ourselves!
    Where compassion, love, grace, and understanding is so appreciated of those closest to you; the precious gift of complete and unconditional love.

    "Growing Pains" of sorts. (that's for you, Alan)


    Since when did following your heart make you selfish? Crazy world we live in.

    so much love.

    P.S. Eleleth, I've been seeing Jupiter numbers like crazy, and noticing the time your comment was posted makes me really happy.

  3. Melissa,
    Your post made a sort of non-sequitur from (W)hen to the Fox. I can't help but thinking of the common phrase "The fox guarding the hen house." Perhaps the fox is actually guarding the (w)hen house.
    The Fire-Fox that burns away your time...
    Or, maybe it burns away your concept of time.
    As Eleleth points out, burn all that away and your on your way to (w)holeness.


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