Saturday, March 24, 2012

Why so Sirius? - Ron Paul a Sirius Plan

In a recent post we looked at Sirius' role in the 2012 election (similar to the role it played in 2008 per the research of Chris Knowles). But in Ron Paul's latest ad, as a blazing star flashes into his new slogan, Ron amps the volume on this theme up to 33.
“It [Sirius] is the first and most exalted object that demands our attention in the Lodge.”
-William Hutchinson

“The Ancient Astronomers saw all the great Symbols of Masonry in the Stars. Sirius glitters in our lodges as the Blazing Star.”
-Albert Pike, Morals and Dogma

This seems like a continuing attention to detail that, if intentional (as Knowles suspects), is absolutely staggering...

Recall from our previous post on this topic that the New American magazine, which an objective observer would have to call a propaganda mill for Ron Paul, played with the "Sirius Election" theme on the cover of their most recent issue:
We also pointed out that the venue for the "opposition's" Democratic National Convention, located at 333 East Trade Street, has a logo that seems to directly encode the pyramid star shaft aligned with Sirius:

Even though I am generally much more pro-Masonry than anti-Masonry and I see Sirius as a positive influence in my own life, the lack of "Change" in Obama's policies from those of Bush lead me to assume that a Ron Paul campaign would also be "Consistent" in this regard.

And so I am left to wonder, What is the "Sirius Plan"? All I know is that, if the external is a mirror of the internal and if these men with their wars and greed can get it so f-ing wrong, we must be personally vigilant that we don't make the same mistakes in our own lives.

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