Saturday, March 17, 2012

Re-Membering the Green Man

3/17 is the date of Osiris' death, and the day we re-member him. It's also a bit of an anniversary for me. Two years ago it was the day that my strange week-long experience culminated in confirmable future knowledge when I asked whatever it was for "proof" and was given the lottery numbers 1788. (Click here if you've never heard this story.) This was an experience that greatly amplified my attention towards the phenomena of synchronicity and the paranormal -- catapulting me onto the path I'm on today, where I'm now heading Sync Book Press and trying to understand and disseminate as much of this information as possible. This morning I went to the post office to mail a special set of Sync Book Press books to France for a gentleman that wanted signed copies. The whole way there and the entire time I'm standing in line I'm thinking about all that's happened in the last two years. I'm holding these books, these paper avatars forever linked to this event and the fire it lit in my mind. I'm thinking about what day it is and I'm thinking about those particular numbers. That's when the nice lady at the post office tells me that the cost of shipping will be $17.88.

It put a huge smile on my face. It felt like someone saying, "you're remembered too." Thanks out there.

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