Saturday, May 21, 2011

Thank God It's Doomsday

In the second half of the previous post, I was trying to question what happens on that larger 4-d or 5-d scale as we manifest our fears, but there is of course also the practical question of how would it effect your life to think the world was ending...and the other sets of questions that arise if you're wrong. While I disagree with this guy's conclusion that these sorts of events disprove everything spiritual, I think it does a very good job of pointing out some of the effects of fear-mongering and even some of the existential dilemmas that the rapture believers will have to confront. ...Plus, the use of Ghostbusters footage and Blondie make for interesting syncs with our study.


Last night I watched the Simpson's episode "Thank God It's Doomsday."

It was amazingly full of patterns we've been looking at both here and at Mask of God for the last month or so. I'm not really going to explain (I'll put links to other posts), but regular readers will recognize the significance of these images:

It starts with haircuts, syncing with the Heir to the Throne, the Hare or Year of Rabbit, the fact that I just cut my hair for the first time in 2 years, and on and on.

We get the unicorn, and not just a unicorn, but a unicorn in the mirror:
The siblings battle on the checkerboard:
Ralph is next onto the unicorn, and he wants to be....

(I just remembered, Charlie Brown was also mentioned the April 28th Wedding/KingKill post)

The Simpsons end up seeing a "Left Behind"-like movie about the Rapture:
There is also the mention of "golf" right away (Tiger Woods recently and exactly one year ago)

Only one of the twins is raptured. (Assimilation of the shadow?)
One of the first signs of the apocalypse is the blood of a WHALE
(see Prince of Wales and our "Birds & Bees" posts)

Hey, there's that anchor again:

"The stars fall from the sky"

Then the Green Man's arm is in a sling:

Homer uses pseudo-numerology and predicts the Rapture for May 18th, then revises it to May 19th. That's amazingly close to today's May 21st date that everyone has been looking at.

First thing Homer sees upon Rapture is Saturn (Osiris, lord of dead). But what's that hiding behind Saturn?
Our first view of heaven, and it looks kinda familiar:

Marge becomes Medusa:
And, this one is for you Doug. God makes the Jay-Z triangle hand sign, proving that God is a member of the Illuminati.

And, finally, Homer gets God to Undo the Rapture. How?
God: "To do what you're asking, I'd have to...turn back time."
Homer: "Superman did it."
God: "Fine Mr. Smartypants, I will undo the apocalypse."



  1. Today my dad gave me a prepaid card for my cell phone. In other words, the Father "bought me more time". "Eerie" is an understatement.

  2. @Eleleth

    When I read your comment about "Father" and phone...I thought about the Pope "Father" phone-ing the ISS yesterday...what to perhaps buy us more time, undo the rapture?

    Great post here, Alan!

  3. While the Pope was phoning the ISS, the female astronaut was looking quite Medusaish!! hahaha

  4. El, that is really interesting. "Et phone Om" (with the fire in the middle).

    Soap, Thank you and nice catch yourself.

    Anon, Thanks for the link. Yes, she does look like Medusa - and check out how they placed the TV with the ISS under Isis, while the Pope sits under the Sun God!


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