Thursday, May 19, 2011

Apocalypse Now?

Okay, events are moving fast so we're basically going to dive right into it. Click here to go back and see how this all progressed or watch this video clip which is me calling in to Freeman's radio show and doing a quick rundown of a lot of these subjects:

The main things to recall is how this started with a connection between the birth of a king and the death of a king. This Newsweek cover highlights the point that Obama has been archetypically "reborn":
In the second segment of this examination, we said that the imagery of the RoyalWedding/PopeBeatication/OsamaShooting triple event weekend would be repeated the weekend of May 13th. And indeed it was as we learned Osama's compound mirrored Israel:
May 15:
May 19:
The Israel angle is something we probably should have seen coming, after all we ended up with Three Kings (William, Obama, Osama) and followed them to strange blue stars...
This endtimes language is admittedly really powerful right now, as the timing of the new Pirates of the Caribbean movie demonstrates:
But it's all a little too perfect. I try not to put a conspiratorial angle on things and just present the patterns for what they are, but I don't know. Disney, who is behind the Pirates movies, also just copyrighted "Seal Team Six." It has been pointed out that it was the SIXTH team of navy SEALs that reportedly shot Bin Laden and the 6th Seal of Revelation also features a "Great Earthquake"
As I've said, this "We Can Know" doomsday hype is very well financed and they're not the only ones in on the game. Here's a similar ad from May 15th:

Now let us look down to another pairing on the same screencap:
The key opens the gate...fascinating.

Now this could be very positive imagery and I don't want to twist it back to anything "negative," but I will admit that this immediately made me think of Ghostbusters (which has been high on my radar of late):

Now, ever since I saw that image of Liberty/Isis holding Osama's head that I put on Mask of God, I've been thinking about her more and more.
So I decide to find the Statue of Liberty scene from Ghostbusters 2 on YouTube. At 2:22 into this video clip, they make a reference her wearing "Nike sneakers" ....Remember the pattern combo of "Nike sneakers + comet + religious cult mass suicide" from our recent Time and Tide post? Speaking of which, check this pairing of headlines today:
And since we're bringing this out of the Royal (Alchemical) Wedding, I toss you that Liberty's foot was given as a wedding present in Family Guy:
So, there are continued reasons why I bring this up, but regardless....just watch this.
First Bill Murray asks "if she's naked under her toga" (ala: Isis Unveiled) then they proceed to bukkake all over her, which ignites her torch of wisdom ("The Fruit which I have brought forth is The Sun").

Now let's go back to my "Hunting the Duck" post (which is one of my personal favorites) where I speculated that the island of Manhattan represents Osiris' severed phallus.
That meant that, on 9/11/2001, first Isis was Unveiled:
Then she was covered in a "white cloud" emanating from the tip of the Man Hat:
Remember: The Statue of Liberty is right there in that harbor where the "smoke" is blowing over her.

The whole point of this ritual, in Ghostbusters 2 anyway, was to "raise the positive vibrations" of the public. So we could look at this any number of ways. If you wish to see it as "Illuminists" trying to force a spiritual evolution via trials and hardships and/or mega-rituals OR that it could be the very universe doing that.... You decide. I'm not trying to tell you how it is or what it is. That's for you to decide and figure out for yourself.

"Apocalypse" (Ἀποκάλυψις) is a Greek word meaning "revelation", "an unveiling or unfolding of things not previously known and which could not be known apart from the unveiling."

Something I've been talking to people about for the last few weeks is more of a question than anything. What is the effect of having so much fear and anxiety pushed onto the public? What happens when we are all expecting the worst???

While I was looking at the link Eleleth provided to a forum on Synchromysticism, I came across this video series where Rik Clay touches on the same idea from a similar point of view:

If there is any truth to the idea that we play a part in manifesting our universe, than surely we need to begin to rethink a lot of this doom and gloom stuff. No matter what happens, we need to remain flexible and fluid, so that we can adapt to the crazy events that are flung our way each and every day.

Because we know what happens when we fill our mind with dark thoughts and fears that become real enough to destroy us...

This idea is also central to my book, Look At All The Happy Creatures, a story that seems less like fiction every day. At the end of the book, the world is facing a shift in consciousness that some perceive as a religious Rapture/Judgment, some perceive as a giant comet or asteroid coming to destroy us, and others perceive it as an alien invasion. The idea is that people get so hyped up on the fear, that it actually manifests and comes to destroy them.

I don't wish to imply that anyone should delude themselves or embrace their oppressors or anything like that. However, I am really starting to wonder:

What would happen if we started expecting the best?


  1. b) Love thy Neighbour, for $420, Alice.


  2. Agreed. "Love Thy Neighbor" are the best words to live by.

  3. Some can only understand fear, limbic brain addiction.One has to resonate love to receive love.Much easier to fear and loathe, drama/reality tv like. The rainbow bridge is letting go of unnecessary baggage and shining forth, come what may. Nice time to be courageous in love. Dennis

  4. Latest eBay sales:

    Talking Heads, Remain in Light and Speaking in Tongues: The "talking head" being, of course, the oracular head of Baphomet worshipped by the Templars; "speaking in tongues" refers to the fire of Pentecost--"Burning Down the House". Here it is interesting to note that Baphomet is an "idol", while the idol of the Antichrist (Unholy Father) will be placed in the temple of Jerusalem--the Obamanation of Desolation.

    Byron Janis/Tchaikovsky Mercury Living Presence: The Parousia, perhaps? Subtle Janus nod as well.

    David Bowie, "Heroes": 'Nuff said. The point is, do the Illuminati also control what records people buy from me?


  6. Dennis,
    Very well said!

    I hope by now that you realize I do not believe the "Illuminati" control everything- but if someone believes that, it is really not for me to say otherwise. We're all trying to make sense of things.

    I will say however, that I do not think that sync and conspiracy are mutually exclusive. You made the point that NATO forces were trying to kill Gaddafi, as an objective statement of what was happening. You saw that it had higher significance and parallels to your own life, but that was still an event that happened. Now, if a powerful cabal is trying to scare people into a religious frenzy, which I believe is what is happening (though I think it is more likely Evangelicals than Illuminists) that will still have significance to us and parallel the monomyth and your own life etc. But it is still happening.

    Anyway, my main point was to remove the fear.

    Well done sir!

  7. Seems the NASA/Pope connection wasn't that off base, eh?

  8. I was really asking myself more than anything else.

    The Macho Man is dead. Shall we welcome the new race of Lady Gaga atomic hermaprodites?

  9. El,
    I get you. No harm, no foul - either way.

    Well, since I'm working on a bit that involves Haircuts, the UniSex Barber makes a lot of sense.

  10. I know I'm supposed to love Lady Gaga but she still creeps me out.

    Ghostbusters Firehouse 8 to close. Hook and Ladder, weren't we just talking about snakes and ladders?

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