Monday, September 26, 2011

Tyler Durden devoured by the Lion King

About a week after Tyler Durden unveiled the Scarlett Woman he gets "devoured" by the Lion King. (This story again comes by way via the amazing Antoine Charvet)
Here we have "The Lion King" again destroying his shadow self or false nature or illusion or whatever term fits you best (see our Suicide Kings post).

While the UN is set to debate Palestinian Statehood,
I am reminded of the other King Kill mirror:

Osama's Compound as Israel


  1. As Tyler, the lord of illusion, is the projectionist, his identification with the Mad Archons at the center of the earth seems assured. West "Bank," the Money Bin.

  2. Oliver ate a "pitted" olive. The "East Side Vets" forgave his debts, as we forgive our debtors. I have hell of a case of gout this week, always happens this way. Gout is the "illness of kings", they say.

  3. OH yea, the cure for gout is "devil's claw".


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