Thursday, June 6, 2013

Mega Therion's Promethean Space Odyssey

In the second episode of Synchronize, Will Morgan talks about the ways my book, Look at All the Happy Creatures, syncs with the movie Prometheus.  Though I haven't seen the film, I was reminded of a recent message I was sent from JmJml of that suggested Prometheus is subtly referencing 2001: A Space Odyssey in a movie "mistake". . .
In his last point, "a planet that looks exactly like Saturn" would be a reference to the 2001ASO book in which the main planet was Saturn, not Jupiter. The idea of a 2001ASO connection is also strengthened by this image I found while looking for a Charlize Theron picture from Prometheus, in which she sits among red chairs . . .
. . . which look a lot like the chairs from 2001ASO's space station.

Regardless, as I've said, I still haven't seen the movie (and am in no rush to do so) so this sync went mostly ignored by me. That is, until today, when an unrelated series of events caused me to look up an old Topps trading card series I had as a kid, called Dinosaurs Attack! . . .  The first thing I notice upon looking at the cards for the first time in many many years is a space station that looks exactly like that from 2001ASO.

It took only another moment to look at the reverse side of that Dinosaurs Attack! card and find out that the space station in question was called Prometheus . . .
. . . just like the ship in Scott's film.
The story of Dinosaurs Attack! has a Time-disruption occur on the Prometheus space station and Saturn is the god of Time. Now, in the 2001ASO sequel, 2010: The Year We Make Contact, Saturn ignites into a second sun called Lucifer. Readers of this blog should not need to have the correlations between Lucifer and Prometheus explained to them -- suffice to say, they are pretty interchangeable archetypes . . .
. . . and they are both "Light-Bearing" rebellious figures that too often get cast in the role of a devil. (We should note that Saturn too often gets lumped in as a Satan.)
Since 2001/2010 ends with a confrontation with Lucifer and Scott's Prometheus references this figure in the very title, we should not be surprised to find Dinosaurs Attack! end with a confrontation between the crew of the space station Prometheus and a devil-like figure who brings flames.

(Note that the 2001ASO book has exactly 47 chapters)

Similarly, we have actress Charlize Theron resonating with this great beast, as many synchromystics have explored Charlize's connection to what Crowley called "Mega Therion"
So, having the original line in question about the proximity to Jupiter in the film Prometheus spoken by Charlize Therion, makes this all the more syncnificant, since Jupiter/Saturn becomes Lucifer, a second Sun, and Crowley considered Therion not only the Beast but also the Sun!

Also, in the 2001/2010 story, Saturn/Lucifer destroys Dave Bowman's spaceship . . .
. . . just as a reversal in the Saturnian Time-disruption leads to the destruction of space station Prometheus in Dinosaurs Attack!

Finally, the back of the "Prometheus Explodes!" card features the number 32 -- associated to the number of paths in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. This may interest those of you who paid attention to the Mask of God post where I compared the movie posters for Kubrick's 2001ASO and his Paths of Glory -- as related to the 32 Paths of Glory on the Tree.

For what it is worth, since this all started with the Prometheus sync from Look at All the Happy Creatures, the novel starts with the story of Prometheus in the first chapter and ends with a scene inspired by 2001ASO. The Happy Creatures novel is also exactly 47 chapters long.

Oh and hey, just as I was about to post this, I realized that Prometheus was released in theaters on June 8th 2012 --the anniversary of which is in two days.


  1. Nice post for 6/6. I'm going through my own scanner darkly right now, a very syncy post. Prometheus was a Titan, of course.

  2. Here is the 'Saturn' image:

    The Moon could be Titan, they mention that it is Nitrogen rich in the Movie like Titan

    "The atmospheric composition in the stratosphere is 98.4% nitrogen—the only dense, nitrogen-rich atmosphere in the Solar System aside from the Earth's"

    In the film they also mention that the Moon's Atmosphere is heavy in Nitrogen, and so is Titan, in fact in the real titan The atmospheric composition in the stratosphere is 98.4% nitrogen—the only dense, nitrogen-rich atmosphere in the Solar System aside from the Earth's

    In the movie they say 71% nitrogen, and 21% oxygen, but could be referencing some idealized version of Titan that supported life

  3. "Though we sure can speculate. For all the criticism that the movie is too opaque, it's almost clumsily in-your-face with David's musing about how every child's ultimate aspiration is to kill his/her parents. And, we might add, every parent's secret fear is that their child will grow to destroy them. (Note that this conversation occurs only after Vickers has threatened to cut out his core, which might have triggered a slipping of David's leash a la Hal in 2001's reaction to Bowman and Poole plotting to lobomotize him — more on this below. )

    Alongside this we have Vicker's subsequent speech to her father: "A king has his reign. He dies. It's the natural order of things.""

    Also the decrepid Peter Weyland looking for eternal life reminds me of David Bowman on his death bed.

    As for the Engineers:

    "They became farmers in the seeds of stars; they sowed, and sometimes they reaped. And sometimes, dispassionately, they had to weed."

    —Arthur C. Clarke, 2001

  4. I also found a exhaustive 12 part decoding of Prometheus here:

    "Weyland is wearing a white robe while having his feet washed by David. This is a false righteousness, fake purity, a false Christ."

    "Weyland while sleeping, this false god or Satan, will ask his creation David to give the apple to Holloway, to try harder to get knowledge. This serpent tricks Eve – “How far are you willing to go to get your answers” before the forbidden fruit is given. Also, in David’s mind, there can only be one Eve."

    The guy goes into crazy detail, and makes some 2001 connections too.

  5. The red Chair of Charlize is the same chair as here
    Truman Show

    The chairs have a shape like two eyes.

    Mr. Crowley was tricked by Lam. Lam was a Grey, a Biorobot.
    The Greys have (or had) a Control Base on the Moon.

  6. Great additions all! The Sirens of Titan have never been far from our radar at this blog ( so Titan seems a likely candidate.

  7. Foxi, great catch on the chair matching that of the Truman Show Moon-Room!

    The idea of an alien base on the moon is often associated with either Greys or Reptilians. It may be of interest to you to note that the "Dinosaurs Attack!" cards make multiple references to "Reptilians"

  8. Can't be a moon of Jupiter because they have no atmosphere.

    Also Prometheus was a Titan in Greek Mythology.

    Makes me wonder if all planets in Sc-fi are just archetypes of our solar system.

    Alderaan = Tiamat
    Arrakis/Tatooine = Mars
    Death Star = The Moon


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