Friday, September 17, 2010

Serpico: starring Osiris, Knowles and Grissom

Gonna make this fast, but I couldn't resist putting this out there. The Mrs. and I are enjoying sunny (but surprisingly cold) California on our Honeymoon. We decided to relax tonight by watching Serpico. I was constantly told I looked like Serpico throughout 2004/2005 and in the film he has a romance with a Ballerina, whereas I am now married to one. What fun!

The movie starts with Serpico getting rushed to the hospital after getting shot just below the eye. Mind you he doesn't lose an eye in the process, but the symbolism is blatant enough. Right away, a chief Green is called to the scene.
I always have my eye out (no pun intended) for Osiris resonators, and maybe more so now that Green is my last name. But this guy disappears from the cast as we go into a feature-length flashback. Finally, Chief Green gets re-introduced in a full scene and what does he immediately say? Only that he had a hard time fitting in with the police crew because of his circumcised member.
Will circumcision have to stand in for castration in this Osiris metaphor? You better believe it! His next line?
Ah, St Patrick's Day, better known around these parts of the interwebs as St Osiris Day.

I first learned of that by reading The Secret Sun blog, done by our good friend, Christopher Knowles. So imagine my surprise when a scene two minutes later begins by someone mentioning that name to someone off screen - who is never seen or heard of in the film.
Just one of those random names of random characters that get tossed around in the back of films and probably mean nothing.
That is until the next time a name is "randomly" called out over a PA system and that name just happens to belong to a figure that our Mr. Knowles is studying in depth.
To learn more about Gus Grissom and his cultish name-dropping in films, hop on over to the Secret Sun.

I should add that it is Osiris-resonating Chief Green that finally gives Serpico that which he wanted for so long. His gold star. Plus, the dirty money that Serpico disdains is referred to over and over again as "the Nut."


  1. Those bastards! But then again, those psychic bastards...

  2. Cool! Funny how Serpico looks like Jesus, and he's wearing a blue Stygian Cap in your screen grab. Which basically means magic mushroom.

  3. It's all just too funny. I like when the universe tosses us something to laugh about.


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